By trainhump - 20/02/2010 10:54 - Australia

Today, I took the train to work. There was an older man standing behind me. Everytime I tried to edge away from him, he edged closer. Everytime the train rocked even slightly, his crotch made contact with my behind. It was an extremely bumpy train ride. I could also tell when he became hard. FML
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ugh gross I definitely wouldve turned around and yelled at him to gtf away from me.


well that's when you go to the other side of the compartment. fyl, Op

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u must liked it u didn't say a word

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grab and twist that perv's tiny wanker off. maybe he wouldn't do it to someone else.

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Wiggle your ass in front of him then say, "Sorry, this is marked territory"

wow fml is good at moderation I posted the first comment a min ago n it's gone

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umm did you say 'first!!!' like an idiot lol?:) ha anyways. yep why didn't you just uh, comepletely move? seriously that's so creepy. I get creeped all the time by old guys. ick!

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haha that seems like the best idea

all you had to do was turn side ways to him

YDI for not punchin the molester in the face...

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agree with #68! why didn't u move??? I had that happen to me before and I dnt care how many people are in the train I move or just exit the train. so YDI

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oh sorry...i just couldnt help myself :D

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if you don't like it then have the courage to tell him to back the **** off. if you say nothing about something you don't like you have no right to complain

I remember this one it was an FML like a month ago

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Today, I was on the train and a woman was in front of me. It was a bumpy ride so it was sort of jittery. well, my penis touched her (fat) ass and I got an errection. Displeaes from getting a hard-on from a fat chick, I tried to edge to the side, but she did the same. FML.

ohh god I just noticed that u live in Victoria,Australia yeahh I am kinda freakin out coz that's were I live...:S

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Really OP? you deserve it for not opening your mouth and telling the man to back off! Next time instead of inching away and hoping he doesn't come closer, do something about it. Especially if it is on a packed train, think about it! YDI.

You shoulda grabbed one of the poles, spun around and yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEXY!!!!"

sorry that was my brother.... but I'd like for u to give me a ******* :) btw I'm 28

His testicles must have been really numb after the whole ******** rubbing incident

this is a repeat fml. I read the same one awhile back

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haha so horny that man must of been to get off on ur ass like that haahaha must be hot or at least pretty

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There was another FML similar to this a while ago.

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@ ImRawrtastic I love ur hair : D

anyone notice this is under intimacy

lmao hahhahahha how great. I remember one time on a bus it was so tight with people my crotch was on a girls ass. If she didnt move why the **** would i lol

ugh gross I definitely wouldve turned around and yelled at him to gtf away from me.

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op deserved it for not doing anything. "he then casually raped me for 45 minutes and this has happened for a week straight"

At least he wasn't Hitlers reanimated corpse. Actually, that would be awesome.

this is a lesson for all in uncomfortable situations with people: don't be afraid to be rude to get yourself ouut of there.

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pineapples Created by Kevin Hart: Means to Stop; Halt; Used to make you not sound like a Bitch.

D-I-N-O-S-A u r a dinosaur! D-I-N-O-S-A u r a dinosaur. O-L-D M-A-N your just an old man! hittin on me what? you need a cat scan!

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lol Ke$ha!!!! I have that song on my iPod!!! <3

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Old man, why are you staring at me, smack on me and my friends, that's kinda creepy, you should be prowling around the old folks home, c'mon dude, leave us alone!!'

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FYL. old people need to be released into the wild.

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and when he is old, so too will he be released... have fun;)

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when i'm old, i'm gonna be like Rambo in the wild. but like.. cryptic and perverted. wait.. damn.

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ya know, he probably accidentally numbed you the first time, but he did it on purpose the rest if the time. lol

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tell the old guy to back off. YDI for just standing there letting it happen.

it disturbs me when people enter my bubble. next time turn around 180 degrees and stare dude in his face like you're crazy. then y'all can have a "crazy [stand] off". hahaha

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You obviously didn't try to get away hard enough. You enjoyed it and you know it.