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Today, I went to the emergency room for busting my lip open, I had to lie and tell them I slipped and fell. In reality I was singing with the soap bottle and slammed it into my lip. FML
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Apparently you're so bad that the soap bottle told you to shut up.

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Busted lip? Probably a Chris Brown song...


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i'm not interested whatsoever in your comment, but i adore your picture. just to let you know.(:

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79- You would be surprised the types of situations you can get yourself into when you shake it like Beyonce in the shower while singing into the soap and I am not only talking about situations when you're(I got you that time auto correct) in jail.. Well mostly I am... Damn this comment is loooong.

Report the bottle. For too long bottles have been getting away with telling their users to say "I fell on the floor."

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Nice comment I like it how on earth do you hit your self in the face with a sope dispenser really

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102- Also true, but I was speaking from experience with the dancing/singing for I have done so during every shower I have ever taken. 113- what is sope? Is it slang for crack?

102 if you don't give an epic concert when you shower, you are not living. That includes singing, dancing, sometimes make the crowd noises and taking the concert from the shower to your bathroom to your bed room.

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OP must have been rocking hard

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Busted lip? Probably a Chris Brown song...

Actually i'd have to go with a song off sum41's fat lip album..

Or I gotta pocket full of sunshine. Easy A

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26 - The song is called Fat Lip and its on the album All Killer No Filler. :)

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Chris Brown's greatest hit was Rihanna.

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Not one mention of Rubbery Ducky? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You've made a grown... Man? I need a few mirrors to verify my penis but I'm sure it's there behind my gut... Filled 24 pack of well oiled abs which I take daily pictures of for FML

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How much u wanna bet it was glee

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u should have said "dont worry about me, u should see the other guy"

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot he's got a gun Internet cookie if you can tell me what Whiskey Tango Foxtrot means

Apparently you're so bad that the soap bottle told you to shut up.

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But who goes to the emergency room for a busted lip? Drink a cup of concrete and harden up! At most a local GP could throw in a stitch or two if needed. Don't clog the ER.

not the soap bottle... if anything you should've learned the brush is better

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Or do like me... bring karaoke machine in shower.

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Are we playing chess..? "Bam! You just got PAWNED!"

1 of the 2 above replies has a girlfriend. The other has an A in school. I can't believe this guy couldn't even the slang right...

Your an asshole for going to the er for a bloody lip. Pieces of shit like you are why the insurance industry is the way it is.

I don't see why you got thumbed down so much I completely agree with your comment if you get people going into ER for a cold or a papercut its ridiculous what people do

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It's the way #13 wrote that. Sounds like a douche.

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Might I add it was for a busted open lip, not just a bloody one, which most likely required immediate stiches.

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after i got bit on the nose by a dog I had to sit in the er for atleast 4 hours. that was fun

A busted open lip is ER worthy? You can't just tell the skin to mend itself back together...

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47 I really don't see what kind of soap bottle this has to be to cause an injury bad enough to require stitches, without OP at least falling down or full force smashing it into his/her own face. I can't picture it being bad enough for the ER.

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53- Where else would you go? 54- I understand but the end result is a busted open lip. He took that bottle to town lol.

It probably wasn't the bottle as much as it was Op's teeth cutting the lip open

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She* Also, some bottle caps have sharp edges. Try slamming one on your lips to see if stitches are required or not.

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Agreed, I knew a girl that went to the ER because her cat scratched her, and another that thought her diarrhea was caused by Toxic Shock Syndrome. Idiots.

Agreed I don't see why people go to the ER for stuff like that, and how on earth could a soap bottle do that much damage...?

We don't know how deep the cut was. Maybe it did need a stitch or two. Especially on the mouth since it tends to move quite often and the cut could continue to open up and not heal properly. Come on, it's on her face. Who wants a noticeable scar on their face?

Maybe they have no choice bcuz the fuckfaces before them went to the ER for stupid shit like a cold and other crap insurance is screwed up right now maybe his/her local doctor isn't taking their insurance anymore so the only place left to go is the ER which is basically forced to take ur insurance this happened for me just to see if I had strep throat or not trust me no one want to wait in the ER with the drunks

109-Why don't you take the time to find a new doc that does take your insurance? That would take, what, three minutes of phone calls, and a lot of family doctors have walk in appts. Would be faster, easier, cheaper and less of a headache for you/everyone else. Not trying to be rude, just thinking :)

Sorry but pretty sure you can't do enough damage with a soap bottle to equal going to the er I put a car threw a tree bigger then a telephone pole doing 55mph with no seat belt and didn't even go to the doctor

Well if i was paying hard earned cash for med insurance id want t get my moneys worth, however we have NHS so i don't need t worry.

145- think I haven't tried the only doctor left in town that takes r insurance is a vag doctor and that won't do me much good anytime in my life considering I'm a guy

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Not sure I buy that story. Besides, you can always look for a doctor in the next town over.

When I was two years old, I fell off a chair that was about three feet off the ground. I had to go to the ER because I had split my lip open. Then again I was 2 and OP is a grown person.

what song were you singing I like to do "I'm not a vampire" by falling in reverse

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Haha me, too :) SUCH a good song!

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Ouuuuch... I cut my lip with my nail it hurt

I tried to get my lip pierced he stuck it in half way and I screamed and flailed my arms.... Guess who docent have a piercing...