Overkill or fair?

By Pineapple does go on pizza - 24/08/2018 01:30

Today, I thought my boyfriend was kidding when he said he'd dump me if I actually ate pineapple on pizza. I ordered it. I ate it. I'm now single. FML
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Wouldn't want to date someone who would break up over something like that anyway.


Pineapple on pizza? That's worse than opening a bag of chips upside down.

Dr_Jackal 16

Well what was he supposed to do?

tounces7 27

Good riddance to a man-child.

Unfortunately, in my experience, when someone says something trivial will make them break up with you, they secretly want to break up with you but don't know how. You gave him his out. Now you can move on to someone that is SO in love with you that you melt into a puddle every time they touch your hand. Swipe that tinder!

Rsonicgamer 12

"Someone SO in love with you they melt into a puddle [... ] . Swipe that Tinder !" Either that's a sarcasm with just a tad too much subtlety, or that's a very big unvoluntary oxymoron. Either way, it's funny !

At least he warns you 😏😂

tr3yr 13

He was looking for a way out before this. This just was the quickest and first reason he could get out with. Move on and find a REAL man.

Have a pizza place write IDIOT on a pizza in pineapple and have it delivered to his house.

He did you a favor

His reaction was ridiculous and you deserve way better! I am wondering though if he perhaps said it flippantly but then realised you were eating it and felt you wanted to break up with him as you were doing it? or felt unvalued or unappreciated as his threat was happily tested.Maubw he didn't realise you knew it was a joke? I just thinking out loud though, that is a ridiculous reason to break up with someone, which makes me think there's something more behind it.

Kristoffer 35

You're better off without him.