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By  Winterfan  |  6

They meaned lyme disease? I know this is not a serious site but i want to say: yes, please be careful! Check your child for tickbites everyday!! And beter: prevent... Use the special anti-tickbites spray.

By  ARISKomuniszt  |  24

Kids should not be on grass... Whilst it might be legal in your state for over 18 year olds or medicinally, it can increase chances of developing schizophrenia and brain damage if taken regularly by those with still developing bodies. ;)

By  Gradask  |  10

There is a , for them , logical reason for this. When polio came around in the 50:ties , they thought it was caused by playing on moist grass and leaves , so the recommendation was to avoid wet grass and for children under 5 to play on a play mat outside. And for you who dont know what was, it is child paralysis.

So it isnt as weird as it look, it just outdated advice.