By beleria - / Monday 23 April 2012 22:41 / United States
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  iiTsAJ  |  5

Maybe it was yourself o.O

  Priscilla43  |  2

that sucks ass.

  xcarxcrashx  |  9

He liked your melons.

  bearnblue  |  0

It actually was me >;)

  Sixers01  |  0

I may be exagerating just a bit but, I swear you're one of the first ten in every single fucking recent FML.. I think it's time to get some sunshine buddy..

  anzie_fml  |  9

141- if you took time to read all of their comments, or at least recognize that they've commented a lot, you may also be "in need of sunshine". Jussayin.

  SkoomaKi  |  24

141 - You want to know how I comment in the first 10 a lot? I can't, it's a well guarded secret! Oh, I want to see the sunshine but my studies stop me going outside.

By  jillianmathers12  |  13

Probably teenage boys trying to make you think that you are crazy!

By  LadyLol_fml  |  15

Sorry Honey, it may have been my ninja self ;)

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