By kansasgirl - United States
Today, my two year old decided to run out the front door alone. I ran after him, tripped over the bottom of my jeans, fell onto the sidewalk and scraped up both my hands and knees. My neighbors just watched. FML
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By  blueeyes24  |  0

Everyone saying that she should keep her child under control... It's not like you can reason with a two year old. All kids that little misbehave sometimes and run. That doesn't make her a bad mom. And the neighbors could have assisted with the running child to make sure he didn't run into the road.

By  rckchlk  |  0

okay i posted this comment about my two year old. first of all im not fat, and im a girl. we do not live in a trailer park. and the post was suppose to be funny, he ran down our flight of stairs out the door, and when i went to grab him i tripped over my jeans and scraped myself up. im not bitching about it or even asking my neighbors for sympathy. it was a funny incident! for godsake back off. obviously a lot of you have nothing better to do than write ridiculous comments on other peoples posts.

  CMandalor  |  0

You know what #27PaperisUseful, I hope you get hit by a truck, for hoping that #25Buckmaster gets hit by a bus, for hoping that #16Nates0210 gets hit by a train, for wanting the OP's son to get hit by a car.

By  jennacide  |  0

Lol. Did you leave the door open?
If so, you deserve it.
Sorry for your battle wounds, seems like you'll be getting a lot more for your kid in his terrible twos. :)

  itz_towelie  |  6

i agree, when the neighbors saw the kid running infront of their house, and start to trip they should have used their magic to teleport and catch the kid before they fell... what inconsiderate jerks...

  amiotica  |  2

maybe you should read the story better.. then post a comment.. the child dint fall... the parent fell.. and the neighbours did nothing to prevent the child from harm.. like maybe being nice and catching the child while the mother got up and regained her self...

  itz_towelie  |  6

ok so i put kid instead of OP, just replace kid with OP n its fine, and you have know way of knowing OP wanted the neighbors to chase the kid when they said "and the neighbors just sat ther and watched" it just implys they wanted help in general.

  TheRipper_fml  |  0

The neighbors don't have to do SHIT. Period. They aren't the ones who let the kid run out and they aren't the ones who ate shit chasing the kid they let run out. Anyone thinking the neighbors are bad for not helping is a moron.

  ChairForce  |  0

Obviously TheRipper doesn't have kids, otherwise (s)he'd know how purely unpredictable a 2 year old can be, and that you can't control your kid's actions 24 hours a day, it's not like parents have mind control powers. And that even the best behaved children do stupid shit occaisionally.

By  velvel  |  7

well what do you want your neighbours to do? rush over and catch you? and anyway, two year olds with their stubby little legs don't run that fast, I'm sure you'd catch up eventually.

  brii_g  |  0

are u kidding? 2 yr olds run n when they run, they only run fast. obviosly I'd want my neighbour to realise my 2 yr old is out on the loose and if I had tripped I'd expect my neighbours to go after the child. common sense.

  Osakhomen  |  0

Not true the 2 year olds run fast. I've worked at a daycare... I'd have to chase after them all the time, and it was really easy. We'd also race all the time and I'd always win. Reminds me how much I miss working there!

  chellexx  |  0

seriously...what did op want them to do? I guess they could have tried catching the kid, but they probably were further away or didn't react quickly enough. besides that, they probably saw op running after the kid anyway. and it was just an accident they tripped. people fall all the time. grow up and stop crying about such small things

  brii_g  |  0

lol what makes u think this op is crying? he/she just posted an fml. it's not a big deal to make, don't make out that the op is crying and all that. some of u take these fmls way too seriously.