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Today, my husband left for a two-week trip. Last night he gave the dog a treat of steak fat and gristle. My treat? I am on bed rest with my pregnancy and helpless to stop the rancid dog farts that are silent and smell like a burning septic tank exploded. FML
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Thanks for those that understand! Hubby--great guy, went on this trip to get paternity leave later. Timing just sucks with bedrest (high blood pressure, just precaution, can't drive, walk the dog, clean, cook, work, etc) and a dummy move to give the dog food he's not used to. Texas is too hot to leave him outside. My mom helps in the am before work, and his mom is helping in the pm after work. Cooler with food they are making me and the laptop are making it bearable, and friends/hubby call all the time on the cell. Can get up to use the restroom as needed. Just sucks to be in bed or on the couch with a farting dog and not able to walk him and get some fresh air.

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5 years on from the original post! How's the kid doing? :-)

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Why did they show her answer so late and yes, how is the kid doing?


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that sucks sorry op pregnancy bed rest I'd hard

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lol that's sucks. glad I'm a male ;) no offense to females though

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Well the guy from old yeller knew what to do. I'm suprised you don't

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what I'm wondering is why ur hubby had to go on a 2 week trip if your obviously probably pretty close to due and having problems therefore on bed rest, I hope someone is there with you op

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hahaha sorry I can't stop laughing I know how bad those stake dog farts are but I have the ability to escape but you can't so sorry

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lol your description iz awesome OP

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you know how an exploding septic tank smells like?

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Such a lovely, considerate husband. Quit your bitching!

Ughh dog farts are the worst. Especially for you OP since you can't leave. FYL D:

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That sucks :( I'd kick that dog outta the house. Shoot.

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This is a really well written FML. Instant favourite, haha. :)

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uh oh........silent but deadly, thats the worst kind

Op send the dog outside. The magic conch said so

give the dog some competition, but dont torture yourself in the process

60 - Your eyebrows look like they're painted on lol.

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....You could just cork up the dogs butt hole :D

yeah I wanna know why he had to leave sooo badly. also 1 I still way your baby!

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91 you look like this guy who was in this lame movie called Spring Break Shark Attack

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oh. well then how the hell do u know it was job related?! dont give that asshole the benefet of the doubt

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sounds like a crappy situtation. lol sorry for the lame pun. that sucks big time. at least the gasses may make you pass out eventually...

hey selena where r u from? u seem to be soooooo hot :)

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95 aren't you that girl who dated the guy here named blue(something I can't remember) your name looks like it I think

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have ups come pickup and crate the dog and send dog to husband asap. he deserves the present. best wishes.

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127 well I hope you stay happy and I saw your profile and happy b-day

FYL for having to be on bedrest. I had to spend 8 months on bedrest because of a medical condition. it's great until the second or third day

So just how the **** would you HELP STOP the putrid dog farts if you were well?

@9: I'm reasonably certain that the dog will realize that his asshole does not smell so bad after all, and will go back to licking it clean.

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ahhhh that's the stuff. yum yum

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it's not that bad stop bitching this isn't an fml at all. my dog sleeps on my bed and she's got the worst farts everyday all day and u don't see me posting an fml. ur making it into a big deal it really isn't so stfu

damn 177.... no need to flip the **** out....

177: A) You're presumably not preggo, so smells probably don't bother you like they do to a lot of pregnant women, and B) you can kick your dog out or move if it becomes unbearable. She can't. So kindly STFU.

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168 - is your name chelsea straub?

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don't give out people's full names on fml!! now she's gonna get stalked.

It just means you need to rest in bed for a length of time during a pregnancy. It is sometimes ordered by the doc due to complications, like risk of losing the baby or a premature birth due to too much activity.

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first ? btw ydi for being dumb

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Exactly what it says, the comment was moderated

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god just bring it outside how hard can it be

mrgiraffe, youve obviously never been prégnant... its hard as hell.

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Mrgiraffe its probably the last few weeks of her pregnancy & she can't move very well probably due to her swollen abdomen or feet or both. Which is why she is on bedrest.

then if it's the last few weeks her husband shouldn't have left period, or at least left her alone.

So she can't eat or use the restroom? WTF!

Ever think of the posibility of the dog not allowed to be outside? Example: It's too hot, it's thunderstorming/raining or city laws. I would rather have a smelly dog than no dog at all. Just my opinion. :)

Then lock it in the bathroom or another bedroom. I know it sucks the situation op is in but that part is something easily changerd

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because either of you would otherwise be able to stop the dogs natural processes, right? ydi for being stupid.

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shed probaly let the dog out of the room idiot

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@14 No. But it could've been prevented if her husband did feed the dog fat and gristle. WTF! it's a dog it needs to be fed "dog" food. And this a FYL cause she didn't deserve it.

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I feel bad for the dog too :( poor doggy