By Giulii - United States
Today, I got grounded because I have a picture on facebook in which I'm touching the crotch of a cardboard cut-out of Obama. My parents insist the FBI will see that and I'll end up in jail. My parents are crazy. FML
Giulii tells us more :
I'm the OP. I have a teacher that definitely HATES Obama because she's more than sure that he's a muslim (ignorant, much?) and that's why me and my friends took the picture in the first place. Btw I'm sixteen and a girl, I know it was something dumb to do, but still my parents had no right to ground me based on how I 'misuse Facebook' .-.
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By  Jimboom  |  11

Cardboard Obama approves and enjoys people touching his cardboardy crotch.

Tell your parents that you were contacted by the FBI and they told you to keep up the good work.

  Stupified  |  0

Op you're an idiot. Obama sucks. you should have dressed the cutout in womens clothes and drawn penises and evil eyes and drugs all over his face. Then you would have the true Obama! NM!

  DocBastard  |  38

TaylorTots, you win 1 (one) Internet for that comment.

Karina, you lose 3 (three) internets for A) posting an asinine "FIRST!" comment, B) whining that it was modded, and then C) repeating that you were, in fact, first.

Realize that no one cares. See TaylorTots' comment- that's how it's done. Wit matters, while speed is irrelevant.

  iheartpie  |  0

Shouting first is just a waste of comment space. It also makes it look like you have no life. Saying it is like shouting "I HAVE NO LIFE! I AM AN IDIOT!"


saying first is lame because to me it makes you seem like you can't think of anything remotely interesting to say. not saying it's not cool to be first, I'm saying that you should say something actually about the post before shouting first.