By tftm - 05/01/2013 05:37 - United States - Elmhurst

Today, my uncle keeps spamming me on Facebook with friend suggestions. Most of them are people he met on porn sites. FML
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Draxanoth 15

Everyone just has that one dirty uncle!


Draxanoth 15

Everyone just has that one dirty uncle!

indielove 13

The obvious solution would be to unfriend him unless your family has a rule about you keeping family members as friends?

Why in would a family have that as a rule? Everyone is free to choose his own friends, for instance I hate my uncle's guts why would I friend him?

Some parents think that if you refuse to add family it's because you've got something to hide.

So what, I'd say that it's my life. Besides if you really got things to hide, why put them on facebook?

chlorinegreen 27

#12 OR you could tell your uncle it's annoying... OR you could just ignore them

My mom had a rule a were I had to add her and keep her added... She didn't say shit about privacy setting.. Just a tip for some people..

lukep135 6

Actually I'm 18 And my dad basically forced me to friend my mom or else I get the car taken away. He must think I'm up to no good as I continue to do nothing but play black ops 2

If you pay for that car he can't legaly take it from you. On the other hand, if the car is his and you use it, he can make any dip-shit demand. Then again, have you got any reason not to friend your mom?

baiamare 3

Don't take it so hard, he's just being friendly

Draxanoth 15

I think wildly inappropriate is closer to the mark.

Wishez 12

I agree, sending people friend suggestions of people you meet on **** sites it incredibly friendly.

What kind of family do you have? Friendly uncles? Riiiiiiiiiight.

Maybe he just thinks you need to broaden your horizons. You know, get out and meet some new people, contract a few STDs. Oh the stories that man has.

Did anyone else see the pun? "Don't take it so hard" xD

Or spam him back with people from the Jesus channel.

Show your mum or dad who evers brother it is and see what their reaction is lol

yup93 7

That 'block' button really comes in handy for situations like these. Family or not, that's just wrong.

tj5810 21

Most names on my block list are blood relatives. You can't pick your family!

It's called the unfriendly or block button...

Time to prove to him that you can make friends on your own...

This reminds me of how people have that one relative on Facebook that comments on or likes EVERYTHING you post.

Maybe he's hinting that you are missing out on the action?