Not going so well, is it?

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Today, my boyfriend went down on me for the first time. When I didn't get off right away, he asked what he was doing wrong. I told him he was doing fine, but instead of focusing only on my vagina, he might want to pay attention to my clitoris as well. His response? "What's a clitoris?" FML
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That's the perfect time to teach him. He seems sweet enough to care !

Lennes 12

The female body is a flipping mystery to men. However, I've found that a solid diagram works wonders for those willing to learn. :)


That's the perfect time to teach him. He seems sweet enough to care !

Exactly! OP should see this as an opportunity. And once he masters that, he'll be ecstatic with the result.

don't be upset op, lots of people don't know about the ********. you learn something new everyday

Emily062611 6

Plus, if she can show him what she likes right off the bat, they can set the tone for the rest of their relationship. One of my friends still fakes an ****** because she thinks it's "too late" to show her husband what works. Instead of faking, OP might actually get to have the real deal.

Why fake it? Why not just say it's "trying new things"...I don't know any guy, myself included, who wouldn't be interested in finding new ways to better pleasure the partner....

Emily062611 6

My husband is the same way. He'd rather me tell him things that work, or what doesn't, rather than neither of us enjoying it to the fullest. Why doom yourself to mediocre sex for the rest of your relationship?

now all the sex ed classes is what to do if u get pregnant and the fear of stds also to stay absinte neger avtully about sex

reymon8823 24

Exactly #53 my Chuck says she wants to spice it up a bit I'm down for some new shit

110, WHAT!? your comment confused me, I didn't read anything about how to use a condom.

110, now I read the comment under this one, I understand your comment!

My thoughts exactly educate your man he'll never learn how to please you unless you teach him how... Communication is key I can't stress that enough. You'll be much happier once you teach all the wonders that are YOU

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I never learned anything about the ******** in my health class. I had to Google it before I knew I had one.

it's really stupid that there are lot of schools that still don't teach these kind of things

yeah! It's just human anatomy. I always wonder if they just 'skip' bodyparts they don't like.

Why would anyone learn this in Anatomy Class? Or even Sex Ed?? They don't go over the pleasures of it, they might as well teach Kama Sutra. I didn't learn about it till I was 10 and stealing my big bro's mags...

well i learned it at school when.i was about 15 or 16. i wouldnt teach it to a young child either. i dont see why they SHOULDNT teach about it. anatomy = anatomy

The problem with "Sex Ed" in America is that they teach about being abstinence (at least that's what I was taught many moons ago, some districts have abolished it altogether). Knowing how to put a condom on a cucumber doesn't exactly make me a great lover.

I think that hits a bigger thing in schools. I guess the ******** is seen as a "pleasure only" part, and they probably label it down to the positions as well. My sex ed class was incredibly watered down, but yeah I do agree that they need to include stuff like that. As well as proper ways to put on a condom, one of my friends growing up actually got a girl pregnant because he put the condom on upside reference to the guy above, they showed how to put it on but it was a quick "ok here's how you do it next subject"

well i dont live in america. i just think its weird to skip things like that. its nothing inappropriate or something to be ashamed of. i think that when the time comes when they teach about the anatomy of genetalia, it is important to give the full picture and not say things like: "oh that little thing there, that's nothing". it is as weird as you make it yourself to me. however i do understand how people raised in other places in the world might find this idea rather strange. its just how people think here, blame it on cultural differences i guess

RedPillSucks 31

Schools aren't trying to teach you how to be a good lover. I can completely understand why the ******** might not have been covered in an anatomy or sex ed class. They only have a limited time. As the previous commenter suggested, there's just not enough resources to teach the Kama Sutra or go in depth about anything in particular. This is suppose to be general basic knowledge stuff. If you want to know more, ask your parents or go to the library and get a book. (Going on the internet will just get you inundated with ****, which is not a good teaching tool.)

Exactly! Sex Ed these days is just a watered down, "here's the basic way to do it" version of itself. You can't find out about positions or more sexual portions of anatomy unless the teacher is outgoing, you steal mags from those around you, or you get online/watch TV ****. I mean yeah kids or friends around you might talk about it, but it's hard to build reference if all you hear are words..

oh but i didnt learn it in sex ed either. im sorry, i thought we were speaking about biology/ anatomy class. where i live this class is compulsory. you get it at least twice a week and it is compulsory to teach about (among other things) the anatomy of genetalia. i would find it alarming if they didnt teach about the ********. then they would leave out a part of the anatomy. i think thats everything what education is not supposed to be. also, there's a differencr between explaining what it is and advertising sex to youngsters (i know you didnt imply it but i did want to point it out)

Emily062611 6

My sex ed class was actually quite thorough, more about the biology of it - it's the female variant of the penis, develops depending on your chromosomes, etc. This opened up general discussion that was really helpful. Plus my teacher had the world's best poker face. She'd answer anything.

also, they didnt explain to us about how you can have sex or whatever. its just... biology class. what i was teached was like what the commenter above me said.

kathryn14 19

I agree with number 54, and I'm shocked that's some classes didn't teach about these things! I live in America, and in my class they went waaaay in depth. All the way to what's the most sensitive parts, what's pleasurable, and the names of everything. We also had many many diagrams.

I learned about it in 8th grade health. In fact, I was trying to be smart so I asked the teacher what the ******** did... He just stared for a while before saying..."pleasure...."

Goblin182 26

How do you put a condom on upside down?

I learned more about sex in science than any health class.

In every sex Ed class I've been in, they've never mentioned any anatomy. It's always been how you get pregnant and how to prevent it. When the schools brought in health care professionals to teach it, it was always talk of how to prevent teenage pregnancy, clinics to get birth control, Plan B, and what you can do if you are pregnant.

#80 it was one of those lower cost condoms. He said he put it on upside down and the tip never pushed can only imagine what happened when he came....

38 - Learned about it in ninth grade biology class. Because Canada.

I don't even remember my sex ed class....I guess that's how informative it was! Lol

#41 Abstinence only sex Ed doesn't even teach them that much. Putting a condom on a cucumber might not make you a great lover, but at least it might make you a responsible one.

#49 I disagree. I think people have way more access to information now and that teens are Internet savvy enough to find it without delving into ****. I hope so anyway. **** is entertainment, but it is so not an instructional guide.

Im starting the last year of school and we have had two sex ed classes we dont get to learn nothing about anything

I just had to Web search it

Elfkid21 19

Some schools have really bad sex ed classes. None of the health or sex ed classes they had us go to didn't even do the condom on the cucumber bit.

CaroAurelia 12

Sex ed in America is, on average, crap. I went to Catholic school so I got the worst of it; I got a couple of diagrams in fifth grade and then the rest was abstinence education.

CaroAurelia 12

Limited time? In Catholic school I got one year of diagrams in fifth grade but EIGHT YEARS of abstinence education. And considering the reputations of some kids at my school and the fact that one girl got pregnant (I went to a rather small school so one kid is a big deal), they spent years on something that didn't work that well.

He's seems sweet enough to care! So teach him don't get mad

MissWhitneyB 17

I like how this person read the first comment and switched it around -_-

Well, might as well capitalize and tell him now if you want it to get any better.

Lennes 12

The female body is a flipping mystery to men. However, I've found that a solid diagram works wonders for those willing to learn. :)

When is it the right time to break out that diagram? "Hello. I'm Susie Q and this is a detailed diagram of a ******." I feel like an interactive, hands-on approach would be ideal if this situation arose.

Why not just have the girl say "try putting your tongue here/rub here"... I mean yeah it's trial and error but some guys just need to be pointed out

RedPillSucks 31

Insert part A into part B without getting part C wet.

Wouldn't that be a tongue on approach?

TheDrifter 23

A little direction and his technique will be right as rain.

Too bad he didn't get the "Remember, son, it's all about the clit" lesson from his dad.

Just make sure that when you do get off you return the favor.

BellaBelle_fml 23

Why not do both at the same time? There's so much fun to be had!

sematariux 7

I LOVE your thinking :) 69 = a romantic dinner for two

Maybe it's because of my ADD, but I always thought 69ing wasn't that fun. You have to focus on giving head while also focusing on the pleasure you're getting all while trying not to fall off the guy or suffocate him. Haha, I'd much rather take turns.

98, I'm right there with you on the matter. (That's the meaning behind my location written on my about me profile.) I can enjoy it somewhat but it's too distracting to fully let myself go.

I find it challenging as well. I can't multi-task worth a shit.

BellaBelle_fml 23

I'm not really into having my husband go down on me in the first place, but I LOVE doing it for him! I prefer him using his hands on me while I go down on him, though. It's an excellent foreplay choice that ensures that both he and I are lubricated naturally, we have never needed lube, at the same time so that when he or I want move into actual sex it doesn't hurt me. Dry sex is never fun for a woman. Remember that fact, gentlemen.

What have they been teaching in schools?

Not how to give proper head, that's for sure.

Or anything about the female anatomy, apparently.

colorguardgeek 8

My school never had Sex-Ed. We only learned basic internal anatomy. We had to just figure everything out for ourselves.

what u excpect from teens that have kids already

Nothing about female and male anatomy in my case.

That's so cute she still thinks ********' exist. She probably still thinks Slash is real to. Adorable

Oh yes, ********' are as mythical as unicorns. Oh wait. I ******* have one.

Damian95 16

#11 I'm sorry you got downvoted. This community is weird. Don't be offended. I laughed my ass off looking at your two comments. And if anyone wants to insult my status with girls, ill send them pics. Sometimes its just a swing and a miss #11

#120 Insult your status with girls??? Are you ******* 11? Get the **** off here...

Damian95 16

Are...are you retarded? No I have not had intercourse with the number 11?!! So sit down and shut up, pup. Blame the people like you who throw insults on here.

Damian95 16

You're an atheist you have no God.

Don't call me out on my beliefs. Ever. Asshole.

Damian95 16

You're an atheist, you have no God.

lyvingvamp 15

Yep! He's pretty cool. You jealous?

Ava_Darkflame 26

This comment confuses me...