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By Anonymous - 01/02/2022 20:01

Today, my boyfriend was about to go down on me as foreplay before losing his virginity and he actually poked my clitoris and said, "What’s this thing?" FML
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He's gotta learn somehow. Be his teacher. Be kind and patient.


Does he still have his virginity? Inquiring minds want to know?

He's gotta learn somehow. Be his teacher. Be kind and patient.

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I'm speechless. Unless he's like 12 how could he possibly be that ignorant on female anotomy.

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Man so many guys look for it but this guy found it without even knowing what it was.

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Did he think there was just a hole down there? Like a shower drain? And he was ready to basically give you a front rimjob? Damn our education system sucks lol

Oh, give this dude a break. Especially if he's having sexual activity for the first time. I agree with another comment, be patient and kind. if you have had sexual experience before he did, you may have to teach him a few things and I mean that sincerely. They say communication is key and thats no joke. Be completely upfront and honest with each other about what you both like. Take it slow and experiment a lot with what feels good. Be safe and good luck. xx

You chose to have sex with a virgin, it's his first time - you get to help educate him. It's not a problem, it's a feature!

Um... are you sure he's old enough to be having sex if he doesn't know the basics of female anatomy?

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Men should have to fill out a diagram before we let them touch us, I swear.