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Today, I gave my husband an expensive watch. The first words out of his mouth were, "You didn't use our joint bank account for this, right?" He then asked if I still had the receipt. FML
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Sounds to me like you don't know your husband very well. You deserve it for not only being completely oblivious as to your husband's preference when it comes to spending money, but also for thinking that spending however much money amounts to "an expensive watch" was a good idea in the first place.

You'd think appreciation would be his first thought..


You'd think appreciation would be his first thought..

Or maybe he thought the money should be spent on something important, such as living expenses, rent/mortgage, etc - as opposed to a pure luxury good. My $100 Invicta keeps time just as good as a $20,000 Rolex.

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In this economy, money matters more than appreciation.

my $ 20 watch keeps time as good as your $100 ivicta

Would you appreciate it if your partner buys expensive stuff for you, paying with money from your joint account? That's like saying: "Here honey, this beautiful necklace is for you! Did you know that I paid 50% with your money?" It's just so... lame. Also, maybe this isn't the first time his wife does this. Would explain his first words.

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Well considering when you get married you share all the money anyway, everything gets paid for 50-50. When both paychecks go into a joint account and bills get paid from the same account, a credit card at a jewelry store gets paid from both people. Once you're married it's not "his money" and "her money" it's all "our money".

Normally I would agree with the first poster, but in todays economy, with me not having held a job for 3 yrs and the wife's paychecks as the only income raising as many kids as I have, expensive purchases are a no go for me or her. On the kids, maybe, but then it also depends on whether we can really afford to spend that amount. When I get a job, depending on what I earn, it may go back to the way it used to be before 2008 here, but honestly, after seeing how much we have managed to jointly save by doing what we have done, we may continue to do this even if our income level were to increase. Also remember not every married couple has joint accounts all the time. The wife and I have our own accounts which we also transfer money into the joint account to pay the joint bills with(cable, electric, gas,etc) but things like the credit cards in each of our names, are paid by that person only, as we do not share those(unless its absolutely necessary).

I don't think any of you get the fact that it was the 'joint' bank account. Op's wife shouldn't be messing with the 420 fund.

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Just curious but if you don't have a job isn't your wife paying for everything, including any credit card bills in your name? Another thing I just thought of is what about couples where only one spouse works? Say the husband works and the wife stays at home. Christmas comes and she buys him a gift. She didn't contribute any money since she's not working so does that make her a bitch?

It never said she had a job. Which might be why he's concerned about the cost.

look, arguing is pointless. he said you didn't use the joint account, which means she has her own account. also, maybe he's real tight about money. you can't blame her or him straight up without knowing more about the situation, but usually people should appreciate shit others do for them.

#49 my eyes keep time as good as your $ 20 watch

He's an American what do you expect all they care about is money and themselves

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Exactly. The husband's response makes it sound like the wife just randomly spends money on useless crap all the time.

As an American, I think I should defend our care/caution with money. These days, you do realize that money is directly tied to survival, right? Food costs money, shelter costs money, heat costs money, raising kids costs money... You can't live without it.

Typical American response your govenment don't give a damn about the average person at least here in Canada our government cares and helps the people out

Barley your an idiot, I'm Canadian to but what the post above you said is 100 percent true, and you also make it sound like you use the government for money... Plus your acting nieve

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127, yes, Americans seem to be obsessed with money. This may have something to do with how 80% of the population holds only 7% of the country's wealth. Even members of the upper middle class can have a hard time getting by. It's pretty unfair to insinuate that all Americans are selfish, greedy pigs when it's the system that's working against us. It's not entirely the government; the distribution of the wealth is corrupt beyond any hope of repair.

But I don't think it was from the joint account, or did I miss something?

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That's when you say yes and ask for the watch back.

I say no birthday sex for OP's hubby!

The joint bank account is probably mostly contributed by him, so thus he bought himself an expensive watch that he didn't get to pick out.

Personally, I don't like people buying expensive things that are nothing more than status symbols. If I were a married man and my wife did that I would want to return it and save it for something more useful, like living expenses. I would lie and pretend to be grateful because apparently most people can't stand honesty but then I would politely ask to return it. This is all amplified if it was my own money.

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That's how much some people care about money. :/

5- The husband probably made that money since its a joint bank account. I meant that in the least sexist way possible.

37-I agree. If he's the one bringing home the bacon, then he technically bought himself a watch, one he obviously didn't like.

Girls, would you like it if your boyfriend/husband bought you a new purse with your own money? Probably not. That's the point.

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When you're married, all the money belongs to both people. It's not his money/her money anymore.

No. They need to be on the same page about finances if their marriage is going to last. Money is the top argument in marriages. I've been married 13 years now and "our money" is budgeted into their categories - we are working on home improvements and have scheduled our roof to be replaced after just getting trees removed, and septic pumped. I'd be beyond pissed if my husband all of a sudden decided to spend our money on an expensive anything that wasn't budgeted. You can't just take money out of the account to buy something expensive if they hadn't discussed big purchases before.

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Not every couple is strict with budgeting though. My husband and I have never had an argument about money and we make combined about $2200 a month. We don't do much for budgeting either. We pay our bills when we need to, check our account, and then spend some on whatever we want. If I see we have extra money, I'll go out and buy him something he's really been wanting, and vice versa. I agree they need to be on the same page but as long as the bills are paid and they're not going to starve he shouldn't make a big deal out of it. There's always another paycheck next week.

Omigod. Hope I don't get married to a tightwad that won't even let me spend my own money because it's 'our money'.

Sounds to me like you don't know your husband very well. You deserve it for not only being completely oblivious as to your husband's preference when it comes to spending money, but also for thinking that spending however much money amounts to "an expensive watch" was a good idea in the first place.

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You don't understand shit about art and money do you?.. It's PWETTY even if expensive. I mean... Nevermind, you have a point.

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9 - Don't post another shit comment like that again... If you agree, just smile and nod... Just smile and nod.

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Well sorry, I thought that it IS time to do some shitty comment for once. You know, for the experience of being thumbed-down.

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You should have just went with the easy route and offered him birthday sex and avoided the whole money thing.

Or, no man is able to resist a good ole fashion *******. And personally, I too get crazy when she pulls out the vacuum.

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Totally depends on the watch and your joint finances. If I was a married man of modest means, I'd be pretty ******* pissed if my wife bought me a car, like all those ads, and I'd hope vice-versa. If I was a married man of few means and my wife bought a multi-hundred dollar watch, I might be equally pissed. If it was a reckless purchase, YDI. If it wasn't, FYL.

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Couldn't agree more w/ this statement!

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If it really was his money to start with, of course he say where it goes. But for not thanking you for the thought is a dick move. He should have been way more understanding considering your married

Thank her for buying him a gift with his own money? Yeah, right.

marriages fail when each person only thinks about themself

This is about knowing your man. Did you buy him something he wanted or what you wanted him to have yourself? Also, some guys love expensive watches. They are finely engineered and artistic objects used as status symbols. Others see them as most people would look at a $100 cup of coffee. I personally know wealthy people who wear expensive watches and some who wear inexpensive practical sport watches but spend many times their price on the latest cell phone every year. Know your man BEFORE you drop the coin on something like a high priced watch.