No kinkshaming on FML

By Anonymous - 31/07/2013 16:28 - Belgium - Ieper

Today, I had my first wet dream. I woke up sweating and soaking wet. Too bad I dreamed about having intense sex with a cardboard box. FML
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Comet_Candy 23

That must have been one sexy box!

I hope you didn't get a paper cut


Comet_Candy 23

That must have been one sexy box!

alexwow1 13

Who was the girl you were having sexual intercourse with

what do you think sponge bob and Patrick did in the imagination box

PterodactylMan 23

She must have been a "Boxy" lady

It probably reminded him of his grand father's finger box.

Ooh, I don't blame you OP, I mean, boxes these days are very sexy!

Que Family Guy quote here ~ "It's my sex box!" "No it's my sex box!!" "No it's my sex box! An her name's Carol!"

The box must have had sexy flaps, huge but sexy.

WeAreAHurricane 14

You should step out of the box next time.

lexi365 20

Well hey, a cardboard box is loyal and won't cheat on OP. (I hope)

jedorr07 5

I mean the female "box" is always fun. I'd say you just created your own fetish OP

"Ooo, look at them sexy corners"

I don't know... Maybe OP prefers storage containers with curves. ;)

It must have been a MacBook Pro box.

maybe it was boxxy!

warriorkalia 3

Was just wondering that, actually.

I hope you didn't get a paper cut

XD Me neither they hurt!!!

Yeah. Paper cuts hurt but cardboard cuts are on another level.

What kind of protection would they use? Bubble wrap? Foam peanuts?

Just think, at least it was good. Must've been a super sexy box.

I just moved to Chicago and I am absolutely surrounded by cardboard boxes right now...

I'm wondering if OP ate the box too.

lifeofpie25 16

you must have torn it apart

Murilirum 23

FML just keeps getting better and better.

SherBear133 7

He must have had a nice package.

He? Cardboard boxes have genders?

SherBear133 7

Yup... Don't objectify him :P

Pstraka6 20

Dreams can be pretty weird. I dreamt I was a fighting robots with a cheeto gun. As kool as that is, it does not at all describe me, what I like or who I am. So I think you're safe

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Everyone knows you can't kill robots with Cheetos. You need to use a Doritos bow and arrow to take those ******* down. Preferably Cool Ranch to short circuit their hard drives.

Pstraka6 20

Believe me..ik. I woke up in sweats after I just lost the battle

I read your cheetos and doritos ammo - story and now i am hungry and there's no cheetos and doritos to eat. FML

Wizardo 33

"The card reads, From Russia... With Love?"

In soviet Russia, sexy cardboard boxes have wet dreams about you. Excuse the bad meme, couldn't help it!

colvindj 22

in your dream, did you caress those luscious corners?

I hope you know "Dick in a Box" isn't about sex with a box.

ArielTheMermaid 17

1) cut a hole in the box

Step 2: put your junk in that box

klovemachine 24

Step 3: ejaculate :-D

dumbass.. 3. make her open that box