By WhataStrangeTripThisIs - 19/5/2021 02:00

Love is hell

Today, I found out the love of my life was talking to his ex. She chose to contact me, including screenshots of him begging her to, "Save me from this crazy bitch, she's trying to kill herself," while I was hospitalized for suicidal thoughts. I financially supported him through the pandemic. FML
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By  Chazzster  |  21

It is a cruel fact of life that although we may genuinely love and want someone, they may not reciprocate. That’s when you have to let go, mourn what was not to be, and make a new plan.

By  wakeupnow  |  10

Be good to yourself! If he is not good for you, let him go. And be again a STRONG person who was able to be self-supporting throughout the shit show that was the last year. Props to you! From a Mom even if not your mom.