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Today, a guy from work that I barely know gave me sunflowers for my birthday. He told me, "You mentioned they were your favorite." I mentioned it to my family at home a few days ago. FML
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juturnaamo 29

You probably mentioned it at work as well and forgot. Relax.

I love how it took 11 comments for a good one.


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I don't see why this is thumbed down. It was obviously a joke.

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OP didn't ask "How did you know that?" Simple catch-all. It could be she mentioned it in the past... Not everyone is a skilled spy capable of bugging people's homes.

Or she must've mentioned it before and forgot about it

DrownedMyFish 18

It's only creepy if you think of it that way! Don't think of it as stalking. Think of it as him studying OP from a distance so he could give OP the perfect gift!

#61, agreed. I had a friend who really liked my best friend. They knew each other but weren't quite friends. He asked me how he could get her to notice him and I told him her favorite flower, color, etc. She was a tad weirded at first but grew to be quite fond of him. They're now engaged.. anyway, don't label him as a creep yet, OP! Look for a Rat!!

If he keeps it up, report him. That's just creepy.

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"If he keeps it up?" He looks like he's been.

I know. I was saying that because she would probably need proof of him stalking her.

(911) "What is your emergency?" (OP) "My coworker bought me my favorite flowers for my birthday. I have no idea how he knew which ones I liked most!" (911) "So you would like to report your coworker, for getting you your favorite flowers on your birthday.....?"

What's up with everyone on FML telling people to report others and sue them?

Helldemon 32

@52 Exactly what I was thinking, lol.

I think everyone is saying that because she said she barely knew him and that she only mentioned it to her family. I didn't think about her possibly mentioning it elsewhere where he could have over heard.

rawlings123 17

Yeah so because you have a crazy hunch, lets report this guy and have him fired. Thats a GREAT plan

Being from Florida, should we really expect all that much?

Redoxx_fml 22

It probably has a mini mic or camera in it

Redoxx_fml 22

Man there's more buried comments on this fml than there are bodies in Westeros

You should start scoping out the surrounding bushes...

my stalker, my stalker, even though he's court-restrained his fixation still remains! my stalker and meeee

Time to start sweeping for bugs and hidden cameras.

Maybe it's time to get a paper that says he should be some feet away...

Helldemon 32

Ya, good luck getting a restraining order on someone because a guy gave her flowers on her birthday after mentioning at one point at work they were her favorite.

A restraining order will just piss him off. I'll take flowers over a chainsaw.

holy crap you're the first comment on this fml to not get downvoted to hell

yeah because he is the first one with a sensible comment all others are just paranoid about stalkers...

juturnaamo 29

You probably mentioned it at work as well and forgot. Relax.

I love how it took 11 comments for a good one.

Rainhawk94 27

I hate how people assume he's a creep and a stalker. She probably did mention it and the guy was trying to be nice but in return, he gets labeled as a creep. That's messed up

That's a possibility. OP maybe should have asked when he heard her mention that. I'd still be a bit unnerved if someone I barely knew gave me something I said once or twice that I liked.

Seriously, not everyone forgets everything. The dude obviously likes her and tried to remember stuff Like that. I know I did the same to my current girlfriend

juturnaamo 29

I get the impression that some people who have to attempt to memorize information think that knowing marginally important information is strange because they don't understand it just sticking automatically.