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Today, I was informed that my boyfriend's mother would be joining us on our Valentine's dinner. I'm not sure if this momma's boy thing is going to work out. FML
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get naked let him choose one or the other

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Lol If a girl gave me that kind of ultimatum I'd choose my mom

Pretty sure the mum wouldn't be happy if BF had chosen to spend mother's day with his girlfriend instead of her.

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Although in this situation where the boyfriend brings his mom on dates... I could understand her frustration

3-Pretty sure that's illegal in most countries. Or maybe I misinterpreted what you were trying to say.

Ok well there's room for the guy's mom in life, but on your date? I guess he needs mommy to cut his steak for him

Her boyfriends father may be dead or not in the picture and he doesn't want his mom to be alone. This seems to be the most logical reason for her wanting to come. There isn't really enough information to judge this situation. When my grandfather died my parents starting taking my grandmother out with them on days like valentines day, mothers day etc. In my opinion op needs to think of someone other than herself.

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Ha Ha #3 - you deserve only your Mom, then!

Then he should have a valentines breakfast with mom. And dinner with girl. Keep it separate.

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2 weeks later: boyfriend: my mom is going to sit beside us during sexual intercourse honey:)

Oh #9, I fear if you were the last man alive the humam race would forever be doomed to bad teeth and stupidity. So please enjoy your mother by yourself...

11-Time to call Samuel L. Jackson. Push her down the stairs and act like it was an accident. I emphasize that you should make it look like an accident. If that doesn't work, then just talk to your boyfriend about not feeling comfortable with his mother going to your dinner-date.

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OP: Let's move in together! BF: Okay, just let me ask my mom if we can have bunk beds!

Seriously dude...!! Who knows if his mom invited herself for that day of her son's date.. Lol

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Maybe his momma was just going through a hard time. Unless this is a continuous thing, give him a chance. I mean, it sucks that it is on Valentine's day, but don't judge until you know the whole case!

regardless of the situation, the only time mother and son should share valentines dinner is if one or the other has been dumped and do it to cheer themselves up. I know what OP feels like, there's not normally a reason behind it, just that the mother doesn't want to let her kid go, that involves gate crashing any of their alone time. my exes mother won, she was a monster.

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I have to agree. It's valentines day, not mothers day. I think it's time for OP to move on and find a guy who treats her right. He could have brought his mother home some chocolates or found some other way to make her feel special, without ruining his valentines dinner.

63 - Don't you think it goes a little far to say he doesn't treat her right? I mean I would never take my mom to my valentine's date/dinner, but if that's the only thing, not treating her right is a little harsh

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Ok, my bad, it was a little harsh, but damn, it's Valentines day. If you have a special valentine then that day should be devoted to him/her.

74 - Totally agree with that though, obviously.

It all depends if it's the first time she shouldn't end it just because of that and maybe his father passed away of divorced his mother recently

that's horrible. i wouldn't even want to go. when parents interfere too much, things usually don't turn out well for the relationship unfortunately

the worst thing is, they'll nearly always stick up for his mum, unless she is very wrong. I speak from experience, you can say nothing wrong against her and they never question the mums actions.

39- exactly! i was speaking from experience too. unless the kid has moved out, i feel like the parent will go to any lengths to break up the couple. so selfish!

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I've got a great relationship with my boyfriend and his parents. We spend a lot of time together. But they don't like go on dates or to movies with us, that's awkward.

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Speaking from experience, because I married a mamas boy, you're absolutely right. With these boys, mama can never do wrong. I felt like the third wheel in my own marriage. OP, run as far as you can. It's only going to get worse.

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Pentium, how old are you? You look like this guy I used to know.

20...turn 21 on friday the 13th in July, awwww yeah!

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Ohh okay. Nevermind, you're not him!

make a good impression? next time she'll know you're mature enough

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Why don't you tell her you cancelled dinner but still go out?

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That is very sneaky. Tsk tsk tsk.

I'm going to assume that op and her boyfriend live with their individual parents and they'd know they were gone. plus, mummys boys don't tend to like lying to their mums, it might hurt their feelings.

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obviously OP isn't happy about it only making a suggestion.

It was probably the boyfriend who informed OP, so unless she cancels on him and goes out with some friends, I highly doubt that the mommas boy can tell a little white lie to mother dearest :/

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What's wrong with that? Valentine's Day is a day to be with your loved ones, not just your lovers.

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I couldn't help it, I had to click.. Now I'm scarred for life.

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I made the same mistake... I was innocent once >

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Dude, your profile pic... It's really disturbing D: It must be what watches us at night.

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I understand that you were curious of how smokin' hot I am, but seriously.. that's just not cool.

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I'm sorry, sir, I just could not resist. The pure sexyness haunted me so.

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18 - Disturbingly hot, right? ;)

I clicked on you also. I couldn't handle the heat of your sexiness.

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Oh my gosh. Guys, guys.. if you all want to see my sexyness so much, just set me as your background picture. I wouldn't mind that at all ;)

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Woah man. I couldn't handle that. I would die of heat stroke!

Oh, then I could fall asleep with you just right beside me on my phone. Such wonderful thoughts. But, if I did my friends shall I ask about you and your sexiness.

I forgot his name, but the creepy dude in the picture is supposedly a rapist... Not to make it worse or anything

Brian Peppers. I googled "who is the creepy short guy."

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Tell him it's his mom or you. That's weird and can grow into something too clingy

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Telling him it's awkward, and asking him to lessin it up a bit is one thing... But I would never ask someone to choose between me and their mother. And quite frankly, if someone ever asked me that, they could hit the road.

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Yeah 26 you're right I guess it'd be really harsh. Afterall family comes first, but yeah definitely say to loosen it up a bit

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I totally agree with 12. He is not saying that he should choose between them for life, but for date night.

there's a possibility she has given him several chances, there's a possibility she always sits with them when they could have alone time and op probably hoped for a long time that valentines would be their chance for that but no...

Man Emily you have to shut every lid on this FML ey? Ffs let someone else have an opinion

suppose I'm just a little touchy with the subject cus parents interfering just annoys me. sorry :)

Don't be talkin' about my mama like that! A dinner for 3 sounds very awkward. Only solution is to suggest that his mother pays.