By Anonymous - 11/11/2010 08:40 - France

Today, one of my husband's old college buddies came over for dinner. We reminisced about our college days, and he laughed as he told the story about my husband making up a friend, Marc Deveau, that he'd say he was visiting when he was cheating on his girlfriend. My husband still sees Marc Deveau. FML
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jiggyjiggz 0

does hubby like a sphincter rub during intimate moments? if so perhaps Marc is real. Marc spelled backwards is cram after all.

xoxo_Becky_xoxo 0

o_o you're right!!! Whoa...strange twist of events *duh duh duh!!!!!!* o_o

well, maybe no playing? maybe he wished Marc into existence? lol

omgggg I'm so sorry:( maybe he finally is a real person. . .? /:

Sun_Kissed18 25

no reason not to think positivly, just calmly approach him after dinner and ask him straight up

.....slap him upside the head with a bat?

bamagrl410 31

Uh no....take that bat & hit him where it hurts the most & hit his little buddies hard enough so the only person he'll be visiting is a doctor in the ER!

This FML has been on the French VDM for years. It's in the top 10 I think. Did the guy who posted it really think it would go unnoticed???

his friend was just trying to get you in bed!! mite as well cheat too!! send me pics!! lol

KitKat39 0

Oh wow..I'm sorry but that would be the time to take the hubby to counseling or to dump his ass... :I if your husband seriously cared..he wouldn't cheat..that goes for ANY's common sense and anyone who says otherwise is either lying to themselves, or is an idiot

did you never ask to meet his friend? after a few years I would have become suspicious

mintcar 9

The old college buddy just had to come in and ruin his "brilliant" plan on having a wife and a mistress on the side. Well, you have two options. You can leave him or stay to work things out. If I were you, I'd go with the first option as cheating is never okay. But I understand how difficult that can be once you're in marriage. Good luck.

I like your new pic :) I also love the cure their best stuff IMO is the older stuff like "10:15 saturday night", "killing an Arab" and "jumping someone else's train"

mintcar 9

Omgsh, you win so much. You win for not saying "Friday, I'm in love," "Lullaby," Lovecat," or the Disintegration album. It's one of my favorites but true Cure fans know more than just that album. And thank you. :)

your welcome. the new stuff is still great but the best are the originals. I found some great videos on YouTube of them touring the first album. incredible stuff. I am not a huge fan of when they brought in the synthesizers. I was psyched when they released the greastest hits and had all the reworked acoustic versions with all that keyboards. :)

mintcar 9

I like their Greatest Hits. What I also like about their music is that it's never stagnant. Have you heard of "A Few Hours After This?" It has a bizarre marching band sound to it. What's the YouTube link?

it's from 1979. lol we could talk for months about the cure. wish I had more time. I'm sure you've seen Robert smith performing with Bowie as his 50th birthday concert. if not that is also incredible stuff.