By SakuraBreeze - 26/09/2011 05:18 - United States

Today, I was working at my new job at a food court on campus. One of the supervisors came up to my station and told me that I "really look like someone who, through some miracle, accidentally found their way into college." He then threw a pickle at me. FML
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That pickle should by some miracle accidentally end up down his throat.

Miracle? Pickle? Are you Jesus?


well that'll be a fun new job

sounds greaaat

when life gives you pickles, make picklade?

^ trying too hard

Picklade? Sounds disgusting, you can keep that one

Pickles are awesome you should thank him.

1.50 for his fries now became 7.50 plus tip :)!

You shouldn't have to dill with this kind of unprofessional behavior at work :O But look on the bright side, free pickle :D

be like Snooki and eat that pickle with pride.

Worst "come-on" line I have ever heard.

I had to dissect a pickle for my A&P class its very tough to make a good Y incision on something that doesn't have skin anyway to the point donate the pickle to science so they can find out how to make good pickleaid

I'd work there. HA, with this economy, the more jobs THE BETTER

I once threw a pickle from my quarter pounder from McDonalds at my 22 year old sister and she started crying.

Cool story, bro.

That pickle should by some miracle accidentally end up down his throat.

I threw it at his face!!

Or he may accidentally slip on a pickle and hurt himself. Who knows

Shoulda threw it back

No, that would be overkill.

I agree...through it back in his face.

But that is OP's supervisor,that could get him fired or in some kind of trouble

Way to get in a tough pickle!'s actually quite soft.

hahahahahahahahahahahaha...shut up

Miracle? Pickle? Are you Jesus?

I think that was his attempt at humour, but really...the pickle? Haha did you just stand there when it hit you? :D

Was the pickle yummy though?:)

As soon as I read pickle all I could picture was "I have two pickles I have two pickles" Little rascals gotta love it

I bet u love pickles

No not really. Just saying.

Did you throw it back?

Shouldof threw coffee on him and ran

A dog treat would've been better.

The OP is not Guldo.

I find it hilarious!