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  RaIeigh  |  0

Ah, I see #59. This is actually the first FML where the Op didn't say the dump was "explosive" or "epic". Nice way to mix things up there.

  idonthate  |  0

116 !! looky here ANqELUqLYBXTCHAFFY ish ` bakk weLL quess wha uqly bxtch i`m qoinq to make yur life hell on dhis site kay babbe SHO qET THE FUQ OFF HOE ?! weres yur FATBXTCHCAKEFRANN?! :-*:-*:-*

  Diannaa  |  0

stranded... on the toilet bowl,

what do you do when you're stranded... and you don't have a roll?

take it like a man
and wipe it with your hand

stranded... on the toilet bowl

  buddybudda  |  0

111 guess what you just did. you just talk shit to me. I feel sorry for you, you try and fight with me but you suck ape balls. you came out of no where to say I fail, even though i simply said that wasen't a original. I have nothing further to say, you don't deserve my words jello shit for brains.

  kybabyy  |  4

illmatic- yes paper decomposes.
But, you have to chop down trees to make paper.
Less paper=More trees.
Which is better from the environment. Yay! =3

  redsox4021  |  0

150# idonthate YOU talk shit about other girls when simply Your a fat ass ugly bitch. look at you your an insecure fatass that has to rip on people to feel good, go suck your step dads dick you ugly son of a bitch. what are you gonna do? I KAn TaLK lik DIS To CuZ I THInk IM GAnGsTA SoN. you dumb bitch you've got nothing beter to do get a life you ugly fat fuck


Nah, I'm a Sophmore in highschool. But this year was my first year wrestling, and I went to state which was exciting. Hey let's talk about this in PM so we don't spam the FML with a completely different topic. (:

  sharpl916  |  0

akkkk! ppl stop adding a comment with the word 'shitty' in it! You're not impressing anyone with a pun over 50 years old. *takes a chill pill* yea... u, u guys are being awesome with shitty comments..;)

  cincin75  |  0

calexis, I think there is a better solution. How about go into the bathroom and wash ur cute butt directly? Then u could flush the washed off poop easily.