By nraecher - 23/03/2013 04:43 - Canada - Ajax

Today, while making love to my boyfriend for the first time, I moaned his name. He freaked out over how I wasn't over my ex, and angrily left. They have the same name. FML
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Do what I do...moan your OWN name. It's always the name of someone who's there. lol. ;)

To be honest OP...I dont think i could date someone with the same name as an ex...just because of this kind of situation but that's just me.


It does not maybe he didn't know her ex had the same name heard her exs name by a nick name but still that's a horrible judgement @#1

Lordalucad 9

If he didn't know her ex had the same name then he wouldn't have freaked out. And if he knew him by nickname, he still wouldn't have freaked out.

Well then i dun goofed but still #1's comment is a harsh proposal of things

I actually agree with DeathDealer. it sounds like the boyfriend has self-esteem issues OR knows OP still has feelings for the ex, which would still demonstrate low self-esteem on his part, because I'd NEVER be with someone who was still hung up on their ex.

Is number 2 retarded

dammit! You blew my cover! That's what I'm here doing! (goes back to the drawing board) lol

I thought that was like trying to find diversity in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue!

Ha ha freaking ha. Now seriously, shut up you two and go get a room so you can ease this sexual tension. It's palpable.

I'm confused...if he didn't know that he had the same name as her ex, and she moaned the name that they both happen to share...then you're saying he doesn't know his own name?

47 of course he knew I'm just pointing out how stupid that comment was.

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That's kinda what the FML is about...

Do what I do...moan your OWN name. It's always the name of someone who's there. lol. ;)

Bubbelz 25

And... Why again do you moan your own name when you're making love to a/your guy? Weird o.O

^you're sorry couldn't resist

Oh noes I'm failing everywhere god help me it's probably my fairness that late at night bleh just thumb it down already this is a mess of thoughts atm

me? or #9? as for #9, I'm pretty sure 99% of FML comes here to joke around...I'm a statistic, in that sense. lol.

Bubbelz 25

^ Meh, now I will never fully understand!

12 you need to go back to school.

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Do what I do, moan #3's name. Except I don't know her real name so I just end up yelling OHHHH OLGACORNMUFFIN. My husband loves it.

lmao! that post made me happy. nothing sounds sexier than a Russian bodybuilder fused with a delicious snack.

Who are you correcting? His grammar is up to scratch..

To be honest OP...I dont think i could date someone with the same name as an ex...just because of this kind of situation but that's just me.

chlorinegreen 27

I don't like dating guys with the same name as my brothers for the same reason I feel it's creepy

So you would give up on true love over something as stupid as a name?

wlddog 14

Really 28?? Really?? You honestly don't think 26 does not have several thousand guys at any given time to choose from? Lets look at it logically. If the world was as you say, and there was only that perfect person for any of us. That gives you about a 1 in 7 billion chance to find them. If your lucky, they will be about the same age. There are way too many happy couples out there for that to be true. So how about you embrace reality and join the rest of the world. Just because Hollywood says there is only one person out there for you, doesn't make it true.

My ex husband and current husband have the same name. It was weird when I first started dating my current husband, but I really liked him and fell in love. The weirdness went away fairly quick.

My Aunt, Laverne, has been widowed twice. Both of her late husbands were named Jerry. It gets confusing sometimes.

28- when you meet someone you aren't exactly "in love" it takes time to grow love for someone like that. (Assuming...for those of us who enjoy taking their time in relationships) after some time of getting to know someone MAYBE I would consider it but for me it's too weird. Especially if the ex and I were emotionally close. I wouldnt want to have his face emerge in my thoughts every time i was with the new guy. Alas that's just me and my opinion. It's easier to just date someone with a different name. Lol

When a person is your ex the new person should be totally different, starting with the damn name. Lol

Neyuu 18

Solution: Always moan words like "**** me!" or "oh God!" from now on. If you can think straight long enough to remember that..

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Thanks! None of us knew anything about that before.

RpiesSPIES 27

Dirty talk... Not for everyone.

RedPillSucks 31

He'll probably accuse her of cheating on him with God.

3rdbass 9

Let it go.

I could never date someone with the same name of my ex, always reminding me of them, FYL

Only if you're not over them yet. Once you're over them, it isn't a big deal. It's weird at first, but if you love the new person, the weirdness goes away quickly.

Was your BF head banging in the shower before you made love? Or did the sex get him so aroused he forgot his own name? Or is he a moron? I vote head banging concussive moron!

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnd swing and a miss.

vadaaa 11

16- is that an FML reference? Can you quit it with those? (Sorry if I'm wrong, but I'm tired of seeing shitty/irrelevant references)

gabe222 25

I'm a little confused here, the FML reads that OP moaned 'a name' not her boyfriend's or the ex's name....why is everyone assuming she moaned ex/boyfriends name... Cuz she continued to say her ex and her boyfriend have the same name... Secondly, whose name did she moan? Please post a reply OP, I'm so very curious!

Uh, I get that you want to be some kind of psycho-analysist, but it actually makes sense when read properly; it is easy to see what OP meant. Chillax.

chlorinegreen 27

She tried to be vague in the beginning then let it all become clear in the end. I think it's because she wanted to make it interesting a lot of FMLs are written in the same pattern. But I bet she called him by her ex's nickname not by their actual name which would make her current boy mad.

It's actually very easy to understand, as long as you have at least two brain cells...

#38 thats to much to ask from some people unfortunatly.

#45, you're telling us. LOL.

gabe222 25

Read properly? It doesn't define anything of the such... Learn to read before judging me... Not all the information is given... Just because it leads that way does not make it so... That would be assuming.

CharresBarkrey 15

90 - The FML clearly says "I moaned HIS name." How much more clear could it be?

gabe222 25

The FML admins editted it, it used to say "i moaned A name", not HIS name

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Excuse me,does the word "make love"means have sex??For really long time,I'd thought it as chinglish...

Yes, "make love with..." is synonymous to "have sex with...". It is very much an English expression, and one that is used quite frequently. It does sound slightly more classy, or at least less vulgar, than the usual terms for the act. Obviously "love" doesn't always mean that, but I'm fairly certain that you knew that.

Yes, "make love" is the polite way of saying "**** brains out".

It used to refer to the act of courtship (check out Bronte-era novels); the gentleman was making love with the lady, and that was courting her. More recently, it's come to be a mushy, romantic euphemism for having sex. Edit: Beaten to it!

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Yea he clearly thought he wasn't good enough for his named to be moaned