Name and shame

By Anonymous - 01/03/2015 18:59 - United Kingdom - Wetheringsett

Today, my boyfriend dumped me for another girl, via a text message ending with "No hard feelings. Well xcept 4 my cock obvs. ;)" Fuck you, Rick. FML
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Lol. Rick is a dick who's mind doesn't click, his humor is sick, he's anything but slick. It's a good thing you dumped that sick dick, Rick.

He's a jerk. You'll find someone way better than that! Don't be sad OP


He's a jerk. You'll find someone way better than that! Don't be sad OP

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No you can Live Longer and Prosper...

Today was the luckiest day of your life.

Sounds like you are better off without him! I hope you're feeling well OP and know that you deserve better

Sounds like she needs to find someone who can spell out a word better than a sixth grader

Sounds like she needs someone who respects others feelings. No matter what his spelling is.

I had to read his text at least twice to understand it. I hate people who text like that.

At least twice, hey? Did you have trouble counting any higher??

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Well, clearly you're better without him because he's an asshole.

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I don't know how long you were with him but better to see his true colors now and be rid of him than farther down the road good luck OP

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That was harsh and rude of him, but you can do lot better than this guy.

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What the ****, Richard?! -quoted from a funny vine.

That Rick's a dick. You're better off without someone like that in your life