By Anonymous - 17/08/2012 22:16 - Canada

Today, my lazy manager, who blatantly spreads vicious rumors about employees, one which has ruined a marriage, has started targeting me because her lazy daughter was legally fired. Now I'm known around the office as "the whore who slept her way up the corporate ladder." FML
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FMLshark 12

Well, she certainly sounds like a charming woman. "Horrible Bosses" came to mind.

comeatmebroo6254 1

Wow. I'm so sorry. Find a a way to get your boss in trouble! That is extremely unbusiness like and frankly, she sounds like a terrible boss.


FMLshark 12

Well, she certainly sounds like a charming woman. "Horrible Bosses" came to mind.

Well at least OP knows now that anything she does can't possibly be worse than the rumor about her already.

HowAreYouToday 34

OP can do anything... OP is invincible.

This situation brings karma on your side and your manager is gonna get double hit. I hope you'll be there to see it when it happens and I hope even more that your manager learns a lesson and fixes her behavior. Don't let it get to you.

The sad part is, I bet that manager has nothing better to do with their life. Sorry OP.

MindFreakazoid 10

24 - Because OP's a (wo)man! (S)he can do anything thing!

A man who slept "her" way up the corporate ladder? Most likely female. I think.

24 makes a great point... Now that everyone thinks you've slept with the higher-ups, the power belongs to you. OP: 1, Crazy Boss: 0

I'm not employed(I'm a minor), so I don't have a full understanding of a work environment, but that sounds like harassment and you should report it to HR.

Oh well situations like this would never happen if people didn't believe in every sick rumor they heard. Don't get it, who cares anyhow what others have done, as long as people are kind and honest. But sorry op for having a terrible manager, keep your head up, you know the truth.

Just shank the ****. Problem solved Aussie style.

129: You are why Australia is still upside down.

132: You are why everyone thinks Canada is land of the soft cocks. No wonder you beg for the protection of the US.

"if you so much as look at my sexy little ass Julia, I will have yours locked the **** up!" Hahahaha xD

People who believe anything their hear has a problem.

comeatmebroo6254 1

Wow. I'm so sorry. Find a a way to get your boss in trouble! That is extremely unbusiness like and frankly, she sounds like a terrible boss.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I think that if she always spread rumors around that people would eventually come to find out their untrue. Though some people's own lives are so shitty they feel the need to make everyone else's life just as bad.

U can actually get hr involved, ofcorse ud nee to have proof, tape recorder,text ect. Hope it works out for you!! Situations like that suck

mizuki123 8

You* her* Of course* You'd* Need* You're welcome.

90 - You may need to learn how to use a dictionary other than hitting yourself upside the head with it.

93, HR was actually correct. It stands for human resources or something like that and it's where employees can file complaints and stuff.

MiloBear 11

#93 you corrected "hr" as "her" but I believe it is meant to be HR. Also, you left out *etc I don't blame you though; it's tough to get past the first half of that sentence.

An actual complaint could be slander by the manager, which is saying untrue things about the defendant which may affect his/her job performance or the aspect of performance by her or others. This can be a very serious law suit, which is why when most people call previous employers about their performance within the company they are only allowed to say whether or not that yes they did or did not work for their company. Because if they misspoke or said something that may not be true in the mind of the hiree then they could get sued. I would look into this op. may be the chance in a lifetime to shut her up...

mizuki123 8

#113 I wasn't even sure what that was suppose to be.

Glad u corrected my spelling :)) i have a cracked screen so rlly hard to type.!! But as far as hr....if u HAD a job, u'd know that hr=human resources!!! :))

mizuki123 8

#128 are you talking about me?

Hmmm, good to know.... Thanks! (feel dumb for not knowing this, but I've been out of the workforce for a while)

Wow, what a horrible boss! I'm really sorry. I would report her for harassment.

Wouldn't that be sexual harassment, when OP is referred as a *****?

(in mortal combat voice) FINISH HER!!

It's more likely slander. But still chargeable.

MolesterStallone 13

If I were you I would quit that job. You deserve to be treated fairly!

Easy to say when you're payed minimum wage or close to it. When you work in an office and you've been working there for several years, generally quitting means serious time without a job especially in this economy. You just have to deal with it and hope people get kicked up the ladder.

Take a vacation and go job hunting! Then quit! You could end up in some deep shit if you stay at it. He could completely destroy your reputation an it would be even harder to find a job.

Quiting the job means giving in to the manager, and allowing another victim to fall into her trap. I would just report her for harassment or something.

16 -- Or kicked OFF the ladder. In a situation like this, I'd do as others have recommended and go to HR. The manager's behavior is unacceptable. (Even if the OP DID really somehow sleep her way up the corporate ladder, spreading office rumors about it would be unacceptable.)

I'm sorry. Some people don't make sense. I feel ya!

Actually take out the "I feel ya" part because that's actually never happened to me before...but that is a horrible boss/:

SnipeFatPeople 6

You need a new boss...I'm sorry :/

You cannot choose your boss. Your boss chooses you.

But that doesn't make since for the manager to target op if the op didn't do anything wound. I don't really think this should've been a fml.

At least it wasn't like my boss who constantly hits on everyone including myself. & then asks us to try to find a decent woman for him. But still, FYL indeed.

pcentral 17

As long as you're doing a good job, who really cares what anyone else thinks? That does suck for you though.

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

Well because what her boss is doing is child like and a form of harassment that should be taken seriously.

Well you are already getting the social bs for it.... Climb that ladder!

Psych101 9

That is the definition of looking on the positive side. "I'm already considered a ***** by everyone here... Might as well live up to it and get the perks!"

EnigmaThe321 12