Call the cops

By sacrophage - 28/02/2010 04:30 - Canada

Today, I discovered that my abusive, obsessive, psychotic ex-boyfriend from over two years ago still has a thing for me. How did I find out? Although I've ignored him walking unnecessarily past my house for the past two months, it was hard to ignore when he fell from a tree outside my window. FML
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ICallKyo 3

fuckin scary!

I hope he broke something, like his neck. oh and call the cops, get a restraining order or something


ICallKyo 3

fuckin scary!

that reminds me of potato potato

yea it is maybe you should by a wrist rocket he he he

was it from a potato tree?

Burn him O_o

u should hide behind a bush or something and when he's in the tree shoot him with 1 of ur brothers paintball guns or something!

katrin10 0


Totally hOt Imao

bebz_fml 0

#4 you are very strange hahaha potatoes!?!?

Potatoes do NOT grow on trees. They grow in bushes :3

@ jimmychunk and resquall potatoes grow underground!!!! not in trees nor bushes!!!!

Blondie08_fml 0


VampireKiller59 0

@83 either that or shoot him with a BB gun =D

Cut down the tree. Use a little bit of it to make a peice of paper and have a restraining order written on it. Use the rest of the wood to build a catapult for if he ever comes back.

they actually grow IN the ground

hire an even scarier looking guy to sit out of his window

asianwolf 2

I like 119 idea

get a peace bond, shoot him with paintball guns and get someone to sit out side his window.

GirlWithAnItouch 0


I agree with number 119

LemonMan 0

What....are you smoking?!? 0_o

that's why I keep a powerful automatic bb gun by my bed with a fully loaded 500 bbs in it

at least he hadn't built a treehouse...yet.

blitzen123 0

That is terrifying.

jazriel 0

wow that's an epic fail

lol..thats awesome:D

I hate people who trololo in the first comment to get people to read what they say

shit thrs fucked up!

Yeahhh..i mean WTH?!?! I would probably call the cops. You never know what that freak is up too....! JuSt SaYiN.

you like the attention cause no one else will give you any. and you know the exact number of days since the break up ? your still not over him are you.

why dont you put a sign in your wondow that says: hey im really fat and have cellulite, arms wtth wings, stretch marks all over, and warts. that will get rid of him for sure.

KingTata 0

did she say she knew the exact number of day? no. she said "from over two years ago" dipshit.

ladiesman, despite what you tell yourself whenever you find a new "girlfriend" to follow, no one likes being stalked. OP, you should not have ignored this for so long. I don't know what the laws are where you live but get a restraining order if you can and call the police each and every time you see him near your property. If nothing else, there'll be a record in case it escalates.

call the police everytime ? call 911 and tell the cops stop looking for murderers, child molestors, and felons who break into cars JUST to stop your RETARD ex boyfriend from trying to get back with you.

oh and for all of you saying call the cops, society should blame you for all the other crimes that cant be solved. why are you making the taxpayers suffer by calling 911 for your retarded choices in boyfriends. everytime you do this the cops have to drop what their doing to make a retard report.

I didn't say she needed to call the emergency number. Call the police and make sure they fill out an incident report. This is part of the police's job and they have different departments to deal with different crimes. She shouldn't have to wait to be raped or murdered to get police attention.

Is that what your mom had to do to get you off her jock?

RE: putting a sign in the window Is that what your mom had to do to get you off her jock?

ladiesman is probably OP's ex..

No girl is worth stalking. guys if a girl does not like you or dumps you get over it. besides there are thousands of hot single girls who turn 18 everyday ! ok i admit to being verballiy abusive with the fat and cellulite jokes.

I hope he broke something, like his neck. oh and call the cops, get a restraining order or something

yea definitely call the cops especially if he has a history of being abusive....

FYLDeep 25

I bet that if you would just talk to him you would find out that he had a perfectly legit reason to be up there. he was probably trying to remove some video camera that some "other" guy installed in the tree in order to creep more effectively.

KurouTenshi 0

awww he's a keeper :)

More like a creeper.

KurouTenshi 0

or in this case peeper :O

Or a......a....... sh*t. What else can I rhyme with that?

Russian sleeper O.O

Kylias 6

Let's break his beeper. :3

all he wants is to stick it deeper

Diannaa 0

No no no... He's a tree leaper?

FYLDeep 25

At least he's not a streaker.

PsychoMerk 0

oh look, he left his sneaker?

Monikabug 9

If he falls from a higher tree limb he'll get a visit from the REAPER. :)

Yeah. Because then he'll be dead....... Consider your rhyming post BROKEN!!!!!

AngryNinja 1

and so our rhyming ends on a sad token. >:}

Monikabug 9

Guess we are done jokin'.

.....I will kick u all in the throat xD

FYLDeep 25

Whatever floats your boat

Diannaa 0

It's cold where's my coat...?

FYLDeep 25

It's on the other side of the moat. Here take my boat. It's tied to the end of this rope.

Lmao there's just no stopping u guys huh? Damn, and I was hoping to gloat.....

Monikabug 9

Well I mean, if its such a problem I suppose we could just call a vote!

FYLDeep 25

Yeah the general would want us to stop but I say we don't.

AngryNinja 1

by the time we're done, we could've dug a moat..

And would this moat keep out? Rabit goats?

Monikabug 9

No, just bad jokes.

FYLDeep 25

That's all folks

This post ammuses me

silbot 11

I hope this post continues to be

silbot 11

I hope this post continues to be

omg! creeper... I would've gotten a branch from the tree and hit him with it!

bridgette5866 0

Torch the tree.

can u say creeeeeeeepp?!?

Creep. There I have met your challenge and the rules state, I can make a challenge of my own. Can u repeat "Green Eggs and Ham" backwards and in German?

HippL 0

At this point, you shoud have thrown an object at his head

chandlerthedog 0

omg... get a big dog to bite his nuts off....

theian01 3

Get a pony to do it. They work better. And if that doesn't work, grind up his parents into chili and feed it to him, while Radiohead calls him a baby.

eric cartman ftw...

what a creep

FYLDeep 25

What the hell is he doing here? He doesn't belong here

thoughtcrimeno1 0

you should set bear traps

thoughtcrimeno1 0

or set up a perimeter using mini-turrets, hacked security bots and prximity mines

Your comments reminded me of Dwight on The Office. (: lol

then pull out your intervention and avoid his tactical knife. next find a safe spot and deploy your harrier.