By pocahontas - 26/10/2010 01:47 - United States

Today, one of my coworkers called to remind me about the annual costume day at work this morning. I dressed as Pocahontas. There is no annual costume day. I was fired for dressing inappropriately in front of customers. FML
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FYLDeep 25

Sue them for discriminating against your Native American ancestry.

You should have called your boss to verify, darling.


Twigggy 0

no that ******* sucks :/ sorry man, but kudos for your Halloween spirit!

stephanie0613 0

Wow, what a bitch (if coworker was a girl), I would kick her ass for getting me fired. FYL Op. Sorry maybe you can try to explain to your boss hopefully he'll understand.

ohsuzykuew 0

yeah and maybe he'll fire your asshole coworker instead! geez. in these rough economic times it really screwed up for some **** to get you fired. people suck!

DaleksAreEpic 0

Will you be punching your coworker till he flies just around the river bend?

you can actually sue for wrongful termination...I see no fml. for me that would be an epic win!!

Thats funny. Don't worry. Karma will get them.

Anaxes 5

Nothing like good old superstition to get revenge eh? Then when something bad happens to them you'll naively think it was because of something they did to you.

yeah, it will be long, painful, and diserving!

76 - Why, revenge, of course! After all, it is a dish best served cold… Hopefully Di will remember to keep it refrigerated.

You should have called your boss to verify, darling.

kaijapapaya 0

Who does that? I would hope that we haven't become so pessimistic as a society that we can't trust anybody.

Obviously we should be. This entire fml was about how they got fired for trusting their coworker. What, did you not even read the fml?? Had they called their boss to confirm they would still have a job. ydi

kaijapapaya 0

So you're saying, 87, that anytime anyone tells you something, you check to make sure it's accurate?

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triple_double 1

Maybe it was the part where.... she got fired. Unless you get off to that sort of thing.

OP got FIRED. Do you know how hard jobs are to come by now? I would be mad.

the "underage drinking" comment implies that he probably doesn't know what it's like to actually have to WORK to pay bills and put food on the table.

Yeeeeeeeeeeep. No money, just a poor, in-debt college kid with no job. :3

so, you don't have a brain to think things through and took what your coworker said all fir granted?you deserved this for being brainless..

There are plenty of businesses that do have a costume day that falls around, if not on Halloween. It just depends on the business. If the OP had no problems with their coworker in the past they would have no reason to suspect that they were being lied to.

Anyone that doesn't find it at least a little suspicious that the costume was not mentiomed before by anyone else is, at best, naive.

I have to wonder if the costume would've been considered inappropriate anyway, even if the event had been real. Disney doesn't often dress their heroines modestly, and you should stilll consider the setting and your customer base when choosing a costume for a work-related event.

neuroticallyours 0

What do you mean Disney doesn't dress it's heroines modestly? I have a hard time seeing that, I think some of the more "revealing" outfits( I.e. Pocohantas and possibly Jasmine) are are just fine, most kids aren't that atuned to things like that anyways.

littlemissdqgirl 8

Haha sounds like something I would do to a coworker. (of course I would have later told them I was kidding)

ohsuzykuew 0

before or after they showed up to work in costume? lol

FinJage 18

Yeah, right after they got fired.