By Anonymous - 10/06/2012 06:24 - Canada - Whitby

Today, I used a prank app, where you shake the cell, and it makes the screen looks cracked. I ended up losing my grip on the phone. It went flying, and it is now cracked for real. FML
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That FML cracked me up. Get it? No? Okay ;(

Every action has a reaction my friend.


This is what cases are for. Shell out some cash for a good case and this kind of thing wouldn't happen. But I guess it's too late for that now ;) YDI, you were acting really stupid.

Doesn't matter about cases, unless you wrap it bubble wrap.

One quick question!! If u gonna put a big stupid cover on ur iphone or any expensive phone, then wats the benifit of having it as it is lol coz cover changes the look for which u bought it :p

I don't think any of you realize that the screen cracked. I have an iPhone case and dropped something on my screen. It cracked.

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16 - Some cases actually do protect the phone. Mine is doing a pretty good job so far. And the covers/cases don't make the phone unrecognizable from what it used to be. So it's not like if someone has a case on their iPhone, you can't tell it's an iPhone. If you can't recognize an iPhone or a Droid with its case on, either the person has a massive case, or you're an idiot.

#21 or should i say ********... U bought it coz u liked it looks not coz u wanted to say u have it lol its a show piece not an egg. Which is to be saved, & if u cant use a phone with care or without dropping then u r immature. FYI its been like 4 years, i always keep upgrading my iphone as soon as new one is available in the market and i never had a single scratch on any of them. While i never put it in a cover & its not coz i dont have money to afford it. Its coz i love the looks of it u ******** :D

#29 It's spelled you. Also the reason for a case is just in case something happens. Can't predict accidents. Like say a kid runs into your legs while your on FML. Save your phone or facepalm the floor.

You're right, 29. I buy all of my phones because of the way it looks, and not because of its capabilities. Who gives a shit what it can do, as long as it looks cool, right? But seriously. I've never broken a phone, either, but if I'm gonna shell out $400 for a phone, then what's another $25 to make sure it won't break? Accidents happen, you know.

29 - You can't exactly start labelling others as immature when you refer to them as shitheads...

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Otter Box is THE best brand case I've found my iPhone & you can pick one up for $10 on eBay :). I've dropped my phone countless times (I'm clumsy haha) & there's not a single scratch on it, still looks like it did new & I've had it for over a year now :).

43-We can and we will! If we cannot pointlessly call everyone else shitheads then this is not a world I want to live in!

You need a clear screen protector, AND a case. It's not too hard

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#29 So you have money to always buy a new iphone but you can't afford a case?

30 - Why would they take the case off to use the app? What the hell sense does that make?

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Still waiting for someone to translate 29's comment for the rest of us...

Sure thing. 29's comment translates to "I'm an arrogant, judgmental douche who didn't pay attention to grammar in grade school."

64 - It's an idiom. It's short for "what in the hell kind of sense does it make to take a phone case off to use an app?" I've never seen a case that obstructs the screen in any way.

So you can protect the phone you dick

Otter boxes are the best cases. I've dropped my phone countless times on several different surfaces, and the case has a few scratches, but my phone is perfectly unscathed.

#16 is the epitome of those of us who slave away thousands of hours trying to further technology from it's current state.

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At least he can delete the app now!

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29, why am I a "********"? Because I gave a reason for people putting covers on their iPhones? Your comment was painful to read. Doesn't your supposed iPhone have autocorrect? Too many questions. People like you are confusing individuals. It's even more confusing given I wasn't able to read half of it. Google Translate can't save us now.

OtterBox's really are nice cases. I love the one on my phone, especially with the raise lip around the screen so unless it manages to fall screen first onto a rock, the screen probably wont even be touched.

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21+16- Mine works really well for my iPod Touch. It's one of the really thick rubber covers, though an its pretty much morbidly obese, but it's fallen out of my pocket an bag many-a-times and it jus hits the floor and bounces a little. And to whoever said that it would make the phone or iPod look different: Would you prefer to have your sleek rectangle of technology cover less and looking how you want with a shattered screen to match, or with a rubber cover and flawless screen?

16- I didn't purchase my iPhone because it was pretty. -admittedly it is pretty- I bought it for the fact that it's a little computer that does my bidding. Each phone is different, some people like Androids for what they can do, I like mine because it has in a phone everything I need. (except Siri.... I really need to upgrade. She's funny.) So! Moral of this story; protect your little expensive hand held computer.

What is the app called? I want to get it:(

110, I have some friends with Siri, its not all its cracked up to be..

I guess the prank is on you, OP. YDI

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If a case was put on, the app wouldn't work

Every action has a reaction my friend.

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Haha yeah, Nokias are indestructible.

It is said Nokias can survive a nuclear war.

Well at least the graphics are very detailed. Almost as if the screen was broken... oh wait.

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Why would he do that? The app really works!

So did the fake cracked screen look as real as the actual cracked screen?

Third Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

That FML cracked me up. Get it? No? Okay ;(

Don't be disheartened, I thought that was absolutely smashing.

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I was about to tell that joke, 7. :( You absolutely shattered my hopes and dreams.

i'm going to break this thread up now before it comes crashing down

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But that would break my heart!

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xCrazyMexican 4

COMBO BREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop with combo breakers, they're not funny. It's FML, not Mortal Kombat.

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Hahaha oops butterfingers;)

@ #4 OP should rate it 5 stars cause like #6 said, it's super realistic. xD

now you'll get an even more real effect! ;)