By Stephanie - United States
Today, my friends and I went to the park for some planking. Trying to find a daring spot, I climbed a tree and laid down on a branch. While I was waiting for my friends to take a picture, the branch gave out. FML
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  Dalliance  |  4

It's also kind of stupid not to know the past tense of the verb "lie". But I've noticed that a lot of people don't seem to have this basic knowledge, so...

Grammar lesson of the day:
"I am going to lie on this branch so my friends can take cool pictures of me."
"I lay on the branch and my friends got a shot of me falling down with it when it broke."

  Dalliance  |  4

#74, it's funny, but the people who don't care are usually the ones who need the knowledge the most. Treat it like a public service announcement. It's no skin off your nose if you were already smart enough to know the difference. But somehow I doubt you did.

  dolphincheddar  |  10

planking originated through photoshop. ts dumb people like OP that actually attempt to try things like that. just photoshop yourself in sideways like how it originated or smarten up

  cc_the_beast  |  6

Planking started in Australia. It started with friends getting drunk together and seeing how stupid they could look. And it was funny, until people who didn't get it ruined it for everyone.

  FunnyWeasel  |  7

Wow this stupid trend is spreading to fml as well who's the dumbass that came up with this? even dcigs made a video about this

  bill929  |  7

planking didn't start in Australia were not that stupid it started in the states when some fat guy couldn't get up of his belly he used the excuse " I'm starting a new trend"


I doubt you were know the difference?? Pretty sure it's did. It could be both but for were it'd be "I doubt you were smart enough to know the difference" or "I doubt you did know the difference"


One lies down horizontally upon various objects with their body completely rigid and their arms by their sides, thus mimicing a plank. Their idiot friends then take pictures of said planking to post on tumblr or the like. Originated in the UK.


Actually, all you uneducated folk, it originated in Northern England under the name "the balancing game" and evolved into "planking when it arrived in other countries. A little Internet search would clear that all up. Good try though.

And yes, it could possibly be the most pointless game, right after "Pole Sitting" which is arguably more pointless.

  makkwheel  |  0

you lay straight in a spot on your stomach while someone takes a picture of you.. ppl post them on the Internet and compete to get the most pictures.

  CathyCraaazy  |  8

Didn't used to be that bad - some of them were extremists, like one guy I know who balanced on an open window some 3 floors up.
But then you got those who planked on floors and tables, and they messed it up :/

By  Lulblast  |  4

Who the hell was the drunk and/or dumbass who invented planking in the first place. Take a picture of yourself lying face-on-the-floor in some place. One of the crappiest trends ever created. If it gets inaugurated in the Olympics, I will seriously do a backflip off of the building I would be working at. Also, did you need to be hospitalized? WTF did you tell the doctor?

  a_nutritionist  |  10

whoever started it is not really to blame. a stupid activity to do among your friends that nobody else gets can be entertaining - when not risking injury to other people.
its the morons who popularised it that are to blame.

By  blackbelt25  |  12

planking : back in the day slaves were handcuffed together and were forced to lay down on each other, many of them died and still had to plank on each other. Think about that before you plank.