By pistonsunshine - United States
Today, I took a girl out I've been seeing for two months on our first real date. I had saved all my money for the week for this. I took her to a beautiful restaurant uptown. She got hammered, hit me and screamed that I would never be as good as "Marshall." FML
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  GuerillaRated  |  0

My friend got cockblocked once by a dude named Marshall. He told this girl my friend was talking to that we were at the club celebrating his release from prison. Seizing an opportunity to be all badass and mysterious my friend agreed. When the girl asked what he was in for, Marshall jumped in and said: "Date rape". She instantly bolted and I almost pissed myself laughing.

It is true that you will never be as good as Marshall.

By  thatoneguyinca  |  0 need to slay girls....don't save up all week to take one take them out for one drink after they've already been out with friends, by then their already hammered.

Hint: LEYKIS 101