Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

By kitty - 11/11/2012 10:10 - Australia

Today, I watched my neighbor shake cat food calling, "Come here Mollie" at his back door. I then saw my own cat run into his house. I now know why my cat is so fat and never replies to me calling her Bonnie. I guess I'm being cheated on. FML
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If OP cared about that then they wouldn't have got the cat in the first place.

He/She may not care but why miss the oppertunity to save the money? Buy yourself something nice OP

How would OP's neighbour not recognize their own cat?

85 - They probably thought it was a stray and believe they are doing the right thing by caring for it. My sister has a butt-load of stray cats in her backyard that she feeds (and named). One by one she takes them to the vet to get fixed each month. We used to have a stray in our backyard that we named and fed.

Dump that cat. It's what any fmler would do. Cheating bastard.

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Bonnie is the stupidest name for a cat no wonder why it happened

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Looks like the cats out of the bag!

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OP should confront the neighbor and stop being a pussy about it..... I tried.

53 yeah don't pussyfoot around the topic.

OP, are you pawsitive that was your cat?

C-C-COMBO BREAKER. I feel so proud :')

Trisha_aus 15

No. Cats and dogs are both awesome.

Trisha_aus 15

Damn you edited "cats are bastards, dogs ftw" ..oh well, I stand by my comment.

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The thing is, your comment isn't contributing to this FML any more than cece's. Wait, damn, neither is mine.

5- You know, there is a reply button so you can tell them that directly right?

Who is this Cece? Unless I'm mistaken, there is no commenter with the name Cece :/

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xXxIracebethxXx 14

The stupidity of this comment is overbearing.

I think OP probably knows what their cat is named.

CantusVulpis 12

Cheated on? Dude, it's not even your cat anymore! I'm sorry, you should really go talk to your neighbor. Tell them since it's practically their cat, they can pay vet bills, see if they still want her. ;)

Holyshihtzus 7

OP should break up with their cat. You deserve someone better, OP!

olpally 32

Your cat is a dirty *****... Lol.

The neighbor has been getting that pussy ...

iTsbSkuLLy 8

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If I throw a ball, my dog is guaranteed to leave my side.

^but he'll come back, and that's the Dog Difference.

55, my cat plays fetch, and I know a few other people who have cats that play fetch too, so what's this "Dog Difference"..?

Because dogs never run away, right? Please. Animals go where they are treated well and where they find "love". If you're a douche, your dog would do the same thing if a neighbor was giving it love. OP, maybe just train the cat to be an indoor cat? That would pretty much solve your problem. Although, then you'll have to deal with howling and scratching and a very bad tempered cat for a while.

I'm sure if someone put enough bacon in their pockets, your dog will never come back.

CopperPeony 4

I actually know of someone who was in this EXACT situation except it was a golden retriever. Not much of a difference between dogs and cats that I can see.

Link5794 18

My dog loves everybody, but he runs away from me a lot. It's like a game to him.

or you can just keep your cat indoors where it's safer and can live a longer, healthier life.

Maria_Obligacia 14

Very very boring life deprived of all the smells and sounds and birds and trees.

It's not necessarily safer indoors. I mean, shit, OP could have knives out on the counter and the moronic cat could slip off the cabinets where it thinks it has the right to roam and fall right on the sharp blades.

Where I live, you either have an indoor cat, or a coyote snack. Too many people move into this neighbourhood with outdoor cats and think the cats have just "run away". Because of where I live, I've never even considered letting an animal spend most of its time outside. On my property alone we have an owl and a colony of raccoons, and once you've seen a cat attacked by raccoons, you never consider having anything but an indoor cat again.

exactly, outside they can get all kinds of diseases and run he risk of getting hit by a car or becoming a coyote snack. I see it everyday, I work in a vet ER. Domestic cats are not ment to live outside.

Yeah seriously. I live on the north end of a city that's surrounded by woodlands, and we recently spotted a bear in the tree in our back yard. Our cat stays inside, thanks.

lou_knee 6

Except the OP is in Australia where the cat's biggest threat is a possum stealing it's food.

Kallian_fml 21

In Australia a cats biggest threat is a possum stealing it's food? Ok that's complete bullshit. A) Possums aren't the only dangerous thing up here. B) Have you seen the ******* possums we can get over here? I had a massive vet bill to pay after my cat got shredded by a possum. Said possum almost took my dads hand off as he saved the cat.

not to mention there's other animals native to Australia that can be a danger. Ever heard of a dingo?

Not to mention other cats and dogs. My cat broke a window so we had no choice but to let him out until it got fixed and there's a cat that hung around that was rumoured to be picking off other cats in the neighborhood. My cat had like 3 abcesses at any given time from defending himself from this cat. He's healthy now that we moved to my parents' place. They have a dingo cross (not sure of the other half) who kept going for him. He's settled now and they're best mates xP

Is it weird that 68's picture is freaking me out?

Trisha_aus 15

Well Mollie is a better name. Bonnie? What were you thinking..

Yeah I was thinking Bonnie and Clyde as well. How do you NOT think of that pair? Maybe OP is really into their story/history. *shrug* Why is mollie a better name? A drug is better than an infamous thief with a cool story? Besides, mollie is a better name for a sheep dog, not a cat.

I like the name Bonnie, but it's not a cat name. For some reason Molly feels like a cat name. Names that begin with M usually do, for some reason. Marcel, Marie, Mia, Maurice...

I feel like if I was the cat, I'd rather respond to Mollie than Bonnie anyways. And maybe the neighbors food tasted better!

Speaking as a Mollie (I spell it Molly), it is not that great of a name. It means bitter and is slang for both a prostitute and a mobster's girlfriend. I HATE my name.

I like Bonnie Come here Bonnie! Yes, Bonnie works