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Today, I was cooking something I knew would make a lot of smoke, so I asked my teenage daughter to tape a bag over the smoke detector. She said she did, so I cooked; the alarm went off and firemen came. She hadn't taped over the smoke detector, she'd taped it over the doorbell. FML
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Well someone didn't get any visits from Sparky the Fire Safety Dog as a child.

Seriously generation bashing doesn't even cover this. How retarded do you have to be to put a bag over the door bell instead of a smoke detector? Hint smoke detector is on the ceiling.


A harmless mistake on her end, but be glad there was no real fire. Next time open a window? Or two?

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Why is this getting downvoted? There are some doorbells that really do look like smoke detectors, and smoke detectors aren't always on the ceiling. Also, when you cook something that's going to smoke, you're supposed to use the vent and open a window in the kitchen. Just because you're getting it from cooking something doesn't mean that breathing in that smoke is good for you, and it will just hang around in the house if you have no ventilation whatsoever.

It's cool. My mother cooks things that set off the fire alarm all the time. We do not cover it (which is actually illegal). You know what doesn't happen? Firemen coming over because the alarm went off. You go over, hit the little button, and it stops. It's not connected to the internet, so it doesn't magically alert them or anything.

...a doorbell is OUTSIDE of the house. True, smoke might be detected, but who ever heard of a smoke detector outside of the house? It's just common sense to realize that a smoke detector is located on the inside of a home. I'm a teenager and not that stupid.

^The button you press to ring the doorbell is outside, but the thing that actually makes the sound is inside.

42 There are some smoke detectors connected to the internet and there are some companies such as adt (correct me if i got name wrong.)

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53-I despise the hunger games,I'm always hungry afterwards(for the record,this is a joke)

True the button for said doorbell is outside, but honey there's still the speaker that actually makes the noise so it can be heard inside the house. Which is usually located, oddly enough, inside the house.

65 for the record that was a bad joke

There is a separate box for the door bell INSIDE of the house ya know

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W.T.F. F.Y.L.!!!!

no need for those periods, junior. They irritate me o.o

yes, I know both these comments will get buried *attention whore deactivated* .... :slinks away:

Well I guess they do look kind of similar...but it's a stretch

No they don't stupid

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What the hell? Dual personalities? Which one is Mr. Hyde?

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This certainly takes talking to yourself to a whole new level..

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He just thought he would beat everyone else to it. Although he was more mean than a lot of us would be.

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5- there are smoke detectors that look like doorbells, stupid.

^ I agree, they might have looked similar, so it couldve been a small mistake. Edit: Holy crap! 54 has the same profile pic!

Hahaha! 63- I totally thought you were trying to be funny and like make fun of 3... And 5...?

104- haha I wasnt but that works too!

Well someone didn't get any visits from Sparky the Fire Safety Dog as a child.

Im thirty and what is that.

It's Sparky, the Fire Safety dog...

Seriously generation bashing doesn't even cover this. How retarded do you have to be to put a bag over the door bell instead of a smoke detector? Hint smoke detector is on the ceiling.

Actually there is a thing for doorbells on the ceiling, it's where the noise comes out of, which I could see how the 2 could be mistaken. doorbell noise thing is on the wall above a doorframe in my house. Never heard of one on the ceiling..

Well at least that pesky doorbell didn't go off while OP was cooking.

My doorbell box and smoke detector are both little white boxes on the ceiling in my front hallway.

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8- my smoke alarm is on the wall, they are not all on the ceiling.

Yes the doorbell BUTTON is outside. But the thing that makes noise is inside the house. Most commonly it is on the wall, but as stated above can also be on the ceiling. Mines different because its an intercom system so there's more then one doorbell noise thing. And since when are smoke detectors connected to the fire department system? Ours just beep and you have to call them.

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My smoke detectors are on my walls, as well as the doorbell box.

Never seen a wall mounted smoke detector. Doesn't seem it would work as well as a ceiling mounted smoke detector since smoke rises and all that...

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Nobody askd ur opinion idiot to dc bastard

They are usually about a foot down

Perhaps she was just being a smartass...

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Perhaps she was just being a dumbass

Congratulations! You have raised an idiot.

Yup she isn't the brightest bulb in the package

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She is the brightest doorbell on the ceiling, though.

Daughter: I was afraid it would ding..

if you want something done properly, do it yourself!

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