By mee - 08/09/2012 22:39 - United States

Today, I discovered a large and somewhat disturbing whitehead inside my ear crevice. Apparently it's been there for a while, because everyone at work has nicknamed it Hugo. FML
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tne201992 12

I wonder why they named it Hugo? Of all names!

I had a zit in my ear once. Those things are painful, I don't know how you didn't notice it XD


Maybe Hugo can hang out with the Little Dipper?

AbstraktThoughts 13

Op, I suggest cleaning your ears out more often! Its not even that hard to do...just q-tip it after every shower! It's kinda gross how you never knew about it .__.

20- I use q tips as well, I use them nearly every day actually. I don't know how to get clean ears without them quite honestly. However, Q tips aren't good, so use with caution OP.

No simpler way of doing it, that I know of.

Wet wash cloth. It's easier if you use the corners of it too. It's safer than jamming a q tip in your ear.

Q-tips are actually infamous for jamming earwax further and further into a denser piece of wax in the hole that is your ear canal.

It's actually best to just leave the earwax there. It has a function. It protects the ear canal from infection and other things. So removing it isn't really "cleaning" your ears, the earwax does that for you.

Yeah, but it can build up too much and affect hearing too. That and when a doctor looks in your ear, it's a bit embarrasing when you get his medical instrument covered in wax.

It usually only builds up if you produce too I much wax, like if you are sick, and if you are using a Q-tip, you can pack the earwax in and reduce your hearing, too. And the doctor shouldn't care, they throw away the tips of the thing they use to look in your ear.

It's not that they care, it just still embarrases me. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

You must have awful coworkers that wouldn't tell you

jrgr 6

I would feel awkward telling a coworker that they have a whitehead. Lol

#6 My thoughts exactly. I'm not quite sure how one would go about bringing that up, especially if they aren't too close/comfortable with OP.

So, simply because it's an awkward subject to talk about you secretly mock it instead?

I'm wondering why the coworkers were looking inside OP's ear.

tne201992 12

I wonder why they named it Hugo? Of all names!

flockz 19

no no because all it wants is a hug.

d_g_Asm 7

I would've called it Walter.

I had a zit in my ear once. Those things are painful, I don't know how you didn't notice it XD

tne201992 12

Having one in your nose hurts even more.

sarahlove281 4

22- as a cat, I can indeed imagine it would be quite painful for you.

28 - just because my profile picture is of my cat doesn't mean I'm pretending to be one like other people on this site.

Dont get your whiskers in a knot, 46. It was a joke. I lol'd

LawSixx 11

So does having one on your eyelid too.

54 - I'm well aware it's a joke. Thanks for reminding me.

FilleNoir 21

Hugo? I would have named it something simple like Bob.

If anything, Hugo is too simple! Lavernius. Now that's a good zit name!

FilleNoir 21

That sucks. Maybe clean your ears more?

Slender_Man 6

Why? It's your pores that produce pimples. Cleaning your skin won't do shit.

Couldn't you feel it when you cleaned your ears? Or do you not clean them? So many questions.

The things you learn about people with just little information! D:

3pi 6

How could u not feel it? Don't u touch ur ears sometimes?