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Today, I apologized to my boyfriend for thinking he was cheating on me right before another girl posted pictures of them together on her myspace. FML
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Well, at least you found out you were right.. not exactly a good thing to find out though, I do hope you left the guy.

I agree with #1 it is good you found out. Sorry though it's not easy to find out like that.

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Agreed, assuming the pictures were clear proof. Finding out your bf has a MySpace page and is using it to cheat? Just a rough day. Leave the loser for someone who is faithful and current.

Were they actually getting intimate in the pictur

Gah I hate it when my phone does that. *cbf rewriting*

are you guys idiots, just because they r together in a picture, doesn't mean he's cheating. now If you saw him kissing or having sex, then it'd be different

Maybe, possibly there was a slight chance they were JUST friends?

Or relitives? There's a whole lot of outcomes besides cheating.

fake fml, people don't use myspace anymore.

1) don't mention the pics 2) tell him your pregnant 3) ?????? 4) profit

congrats OP, moronic FMLs like this are the reason I hardly ever go on FML any more. FMLs like these are downright stupid. Thanks for bringing down what was once a good site.

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#27, I doubt the op would be freaking out if they were just pictures with nothing going on in them, think about it, don't be so simple minded, then again she doesn't explain what's going on in the pics.

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i personally know a girl who could be so jealous. It is not outside the realm of possibility.

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how did you find the specific Myspace page out of the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Myspace page that happened to be the girl with pictures of her and your bf?

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what?!?! you guys still use myspace? that's an fml by itself.

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Lol Myspace though? Srry bout the whole cheating part too

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Of course! Brilliant! I guess people who wear those hats from the 1930's, women who wear dresses, children who have sausage curls in their hair and the Beatle's music is bad! Why? Because the only time that exists, matters or developed ANYTHING good is the present! Time to throw out my coffee maker, it was invented so many years ago.

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Atleast she found out she was right

Damn, don't worry things like things happen for the best. you'll find a guy who treats you right hopefully. good luck.

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Wow... the one girl smart enough to not be totally irrational all the time and she gets f'ed over. FYL

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Hmm.. How does having pictures on myspace together say he's cheating? They're just pictures, unless you had other evidence then just ignore the above, ^^ lol.

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OP says "together" so I don't think it's unreasonable to infer they were romantic and/or physical/sexual.

It would'nt be unreasonable to think that they were just hanging out either. you are being ridicolous. If she wrote that he took pictures with him and his mom together, would you say it would be reasonable to believe that they were making out?

mm I was gonna say ydi for using myspace, guess not.

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I think you can classify all Myspace users into A) middle aged obese men looking for teenage girls, B) emo kids with a bunch of angled, Photoshopped pictures and depressing music whining about how hard life is, and C) wannabe "gangsta" guys and girls who use words like "shawty" "my boo" "haterz" and are obsessed with lil wayne

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34 Im none of the above and I still use myspace occasionally. I have too much to do to bother making a facebook/Twitter/any other networking website account. :)

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Same here, I use myspace and am none of those things that 34 mentioned haha I don't go on it much though.

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You could dump him like a wuss, or crank up your game and win him back. Outflank the bitch by taking dirtier pictures of him and you, then posting them with some method that is more stale and outdated than myspace, like Usenet.

Better yet, upload those pics to a floppy disk.

HEY! Daft Punk proves that floppy disks are the future. I resent this ^

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If you surely now he's cheating on you... post those nude pics of you two on a CD and mail it to the girl.

lol stop creeping up on other peoples pages. just pretend you imagined it and the pics were never really there. this way we can all look forward to the next FML u post.

Confucius says : Man who cheat on girlfriend was not spanked hard enough by mother.

Or by their girlfriend. If they're..into that...sorta th-nevermind.

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did he develop a sudden nose bleed?