Let's slip out of here

By Anonymous - 07/04/2009 02:11 - United States

Today, my friends and I saw a movie. We sat in the balcony. Halfway during the movie we heard a commotion, thinking it was a group of unruly teenagers like us, we began to pelt the lower half of the theater with candy. We later learned that it was a man having a heart attack. FML
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Would YOU like to have to clean that up?

Why not be showered with candy when you get a heart attack? It's an awesome way to die


Would YOU like to have to clean that up?

its so faol you cant spell fail right

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Today, I was having a heart attack. Halfway through being saved, candy started falling from the sky. MLIG

that's exactly what I was thinking. That's why the floors are so disgusting... and think about everyone else in the theater... doing nothing and getting pelted with candy. gee... sounds lovely I'm ashamed to be in IL now.

Two words: Grow up. And no, I'm not going to scream "first" since I know I'm the first to comment and I'm not a douchebag who needs to have the honor of posting first to validate his identity.

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lol shut up no one cares that u would have been 1st

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but ur not first retard

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funny part is that ur not first... douchebag

ur not a douchebag for not carin bout bein first, but u r a douchebag for thinkin ur da first wen ur not smartass

Haha you were second dumb ass. Third Bitch!

akballerchicity 11

dumb nigga

YDI big time. I agree with #2....grow up.

@ #2 LOL. I thought I edited my comment to read "I know I'm not the first." Apparently I deleted more than I'd thought. BTW, you're a douchebag.

Why not be showered with candy when you get a heart attack? It's an awesome way to die

lol #5, I totally read it as "not the first" anyway. rofl #6.

And... how would that seem like a good idea? If you thought they were "unruly teenagers like you" then why would you follow their example? Douche.

#5: That doesn't make any sense, if you knew you weren't first, why would you feel the need to explain to everyone else that your not first? I think we can figure that out from the number on your post. You are clearly just trying to make an excuse for your mistake of thinking you were first.

This sounds more like an FML for the guy having the heart attack...

haha yeah xD

Today, I had a heart attack in the movie theater. As I lay on the floor writhing in pain, I was pelted with candy by a group of unruly teenagers sitting in the seats above mine. FML