By Anonymous - 27/12/2019 01:00 - United States

Laying eggs!

Today, I've has a constant feeling like something is moving in my ear. I'm a severe arachnaphobic, and my dad is trying to convince me a spider is in my ear laying eggs. FML
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By  Duc du V.  |  23

Urban legend ! What else ?

By  uniformed  |  12

odds are a spider layer some eggs in your ear. after all it is a well known fact that there are many spiders that cant be seen and crawl over your body even as you sleep.

By  Duc du V.  |  23

Urban legend ! What else ?

  jfigley  |  1

Not quite, there are occasions where bugs can get in the ear. Guy went to the hospital once and they found a small cocroach/beetle (whatever the hell it was) had crawled in his ear while he slept.

  Duc du V.  |  23

Ok for the bugs stepping into the ears ... however, I read the FML carefully. It says « spider »... Spiders don’t lay eggs in the ears...