By Anonymous - 21/08/2015 01:42 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my boyfriend surprised me by offering me a foot massage to ease my sore feet after a run. I asked for a lot of pressure. Now I'm back home in a walking boot after being diagnosed with a fractured fifth metatarsal bone. FML
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nonetheless, A for Effort for your boyfriend



paravoz 30

Damn it! I am too late...

cat4651 15

Your boyfriend has some powerful hands!

He wants to show you how strong he can be ._.

By fracturing a bone in her foot?

I guess he didn't want to disappoint…

nonetheless, A for Effort for your boyfriend

Yeah-at least he tried hard

That's gonna be a fun story to tell! Your boyfriend sounds sweet though. His heart was in the right place; maybe not his hands, but definitely his heart. :)

Too much pressure to hurt her feet U call that sweet !

corky1992 33

Considering not every guy is willing to rub a girls feet, yes it is sweet. She probably had something wrong with her foot from running and he made it worse, but he was trying to be nice. Not like he did it on purpose.

Be careful of what you wish for... Or rather, what you asked for.

op was offered though.

10, though OP asked for a lot of pressure

Well at least he was trying to help

Haha another Career oprotunity shot in The face

llamingo 8

Another oprotunity to spell right shot in the face

He doesn't know his own strength.. Sweet thought, though..

Let's just hope your boyfreind isn't considering becoming a chiropractor.