By cabatt - 13/01/2019 04:00

Today, I'm a chef and I had a new set of knives delivered. My boss says to me, ''Be careful with your new knives, they're going to be sharp. You don't want to cut your nail off.'' Not 2 minutes later I chop my whole nail off my right index. He jinxed me. FML
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I guess finger food was on the menu for the day.

Please… GO AWAY!


I guess finger food was on the menu for the day.

This story is a nail biter... or a nail cutter

No, he didn’t.

No, you're just an idiot

That's such a specific guess for the type of injury that would happen. You could say that your boss... ...wait on it... ...nailed it!

Mungolikecandy 19

How is it an FML that someone does not listen to advice and a minute later does what they were warned about?

Very oddly specific thing to say. I’ve never heard of anyone cutting their nail off. Finger tips but not specifically just the nail.