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Today, I found a ring box in the pocket of my boyfriend's pants while doing laundry. I eagerly walked up to him knowing that it was an engagement ring, hoping that he would propose on the spot. He tossed it back to me and said, "Well you found it, I don't actually have to ask now, right?" FML
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Well you kind of deserved that, you spoiled his plans

I think OP does deserve it, she totally ruined his plans, she should have just put it back in the pocket and kept her mouth shut.



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I think OP does deserve it, she totally ruined his plans, she should have just put it back in the pocket and kept her mouth shut.

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Even though she kind of brought it onto herself by cornering her boyfriend, and in a presumably unromantic moment, I can't help but sympathize for her as it is a massive anticlimax and is likely to shake the foundations of an otherwise great relationship.

Yes she could have put it back in the pocket but everyone has to remember it was still in his pants when she was doing the laundry it's not like she was snooping around and discovered it! so it's his own fault for not putting it someplace safe. Also you can't blame her for thinking he would propose to her on the spot she got excited when she saw the ring and just couldn't wait.

Ones an accident, ones intentional - that's the difference.

But... if she put it back in his pocket, that would mean throwing it into the washing machine wouldn't it..? It's her boyfriend's fault for being careless and leaving it in his pocket.

she may have not intentionally found it, but in the same way, should a kid who finds his xmas present in their parents closet, weeks before xmas, notify their parents? no, they get secretly excited and keep their mouth shut. unfortunately it wouldnt be a very big surprise for OP regardless, but it doesn't mean she shouldve made it "anticlimactic" for him as well. For all we know he could planned something huge. if so, I wouldn't have expected any guy in that position to pull something romantic out of their ass while disregarding their upcoming surprise.

Even if it wasn't intentional, why the Heck would you go to the person and expect to be asked? "I found the ring; don't worry you have permission, you may ask me now." She pretty much demanded that he ask her because "she was excited" and that's not right.

I have an idea girls. Next time you find a ring box in your boyfriends pocket, remove it, finish the laundry, return it to its original spot, then wait for him to ask so you don't ruin it.

Or just not wash that pair of pants. Taking it out and putting it back after washing would make it pretty obvious she found it.

What was she supposed to do? Wash the ring? Not wash his pants? Wash his pants, then put the ring back in his pocket? Put the ring somewhere else entirely? Your comparison with the child finding their Christmas presents isn't sound, unless those presents were hidden inside the washing machine or dishwasher or something and the child found them while doing chores they were expected to do anyway. Also, Christmas is a set date that even children know. A proposal isn't necessarily on a specific day. There is every reason in the world for her to think he might propose to her then and there. He might have been intending to do it that day, who knows? I'm not saying she should have brought it to his attention like she did. She shouldn't have, but we all make mistakes, especially when we get excited. But if he's going to leave it in his pants pocket (again, we all make mistakes and men are notorious for leaving things in their pockets), and she does laundry, there's no way not to ruin the surprise.

She could have put all the laundry in the laundry basket with those pants on top so they were visible and told him she was going to do his laundry. Then asked him to give her a hand causing him to be near the washing machine when she suddenly exclaims, "oh, there's something in your pocket," at which he hopefully stops her from taking it out and "discovering" it. If he doesn't stop her it then becomes his problem. If he does stop her, then she can pretend she doesn't know about it and allow him to ask her when and where he originally planned.

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Not to sound ridiculous, but there was a movie (I think it was "He's Just Not That into You) in which a guy asked his girlfriend to wash his pants knowing she would find the ring and that's how he proposed. So maybe it's not OP's fault.

What kind of ******* idiot doesn't remember to take a chunky ring box out of his pocket? And responds like that?!?! I'd throw it at his head and march out!

What's wrong with not washing the pants? I doubt that it smelled like a dump truck that very second. Maybe she could have "forgotten" to clean them, which would give him enough time to get the ring. I have forgotten so many things in my scrubs (iPod, pens, USB flash drives, etc that luckily survived the wash) so forgetting a ring isn't THAT horrible of a crime. Expecting someone to propose to you on the spot is a bit much.

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Maybe he did that on purpose...

27- Unless, of course, she is an inordinately proactive laundry machine like my grandma was, who would literally go through my drawers to see if there were any dirty clothes when I was staying with her. If she is, it is one hundred percent her own fault. It is also her fault for thinking it was logical that if she rushed over to him with it in her hands that he would propose. If only her brain would have been bigger than the ring it all could have been avoided.

OP so deserves this. As soon as she found the ring she should have put it back and acted like nothing happend. Also the fact that she expects the bf to propose and carry out what he had planned is insane. He probally had somthing special planned but you ruined it YDI

She could have left his pants on the bed and not doing his laundry...I guess he owns more than a set of pants...

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Well, you didn't ask, but your comment was pretty ingenious, right? :)

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Hey op you ruined it for him , should put it back and let him do it , bloke prob had something special planned and you f ed it up , deserve it I'm afraid

I agree, OP did ruin it for him and I'm pretty sure he was upset about it. He may have had a special plan if she hadn't approached him with the ring

But she was doing shouldn't put a ring through the laundry! He should've been smarter and more careful about it, I mean it should be more important to him

that was pretty clever lol but I would've dumped you on the spot for that :P

Hm. Douchery at it's finest, yes? She ruined the surprise and yet you're saying the boyfriend is in the wrong. Fantastic, your train of thought is.

It would have been best if she had put it back and let him do it his way.

Or if he wouldn't have been as careless with something important like an engagement ring.

wow cant a guy get a break? smh u dont even know the scenario

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Makes you wonder what he had planned. Or what he didn't. Hope he makes amends, OP.

Maybe that was his plan? Leave it for her to find and that's that.

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Well he might have had a romantic plan that the OP ruined. She should have just left it in his pocket and waited for him to propose at the right moment.

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But he left it in his pants and she was doing the laundry. Was she supposed to just do the laundry with the ring still in his pants?

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He should have done a better job of hiding the ring.

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Gotta love a hopeless romantic!!

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It's not your fault that you found the ring while doing his laundry.

True enough but it's her fault that she expected him to do it on the spot. :)

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What were you expected to do after you found it? Throw it back in his pocket and wash it? Or just walk up to him and hand him the box saying "found this in your pants." Either way its a bad move. FYL OP.

Or she could have just not washed that particular pair of pants.

And if she was doing all the laundry that day, it still would have been obvious to him that she found the ring.

Actually if she knew what it was she should've left the pants alone and let him surprise her. Its her own fault tbh

You should still let the guy propose even if you know.

Seriously. I mean Imagine going through all the trouble of planning, say, a surprise party for someone just so they could come up to you the day before the party and say, "i know u spent days planning this for me, and all of ur efforts have gone to waste." same scenario here. She shoulda just pretended she never saw anything.

The only problem is, what does she do with it, put it through the wash? If she took it out he would know she knew. Maybe wash the jeans, put them away and put the ring back in? I'd say OP was just caught up in the moment. I understand that the boyfriend might have been annoyed that it hadn't gone as it planned but boy did that ever have romantic potential. OP might have also wondered if his plan was to have her find it.

Well you kind of deserved that, you spoiled his plans

Not really it's his own fault for leaving the ring in his pants OP was bound to find it when she did the laundry.

He's a guy. He didn't intend for her to find it. He made a mistake. If he bought a ring, clearly he'd been planning a proposal. She should've left the ring in the pants and washed something else. Then he could've proposed without her ruining it for both of them.

He may not have intented for her to find it but it's still his fault for leaving the ring in his pants. You can't put all the blame on her she's a girl she's found the ring she has gotten all excited and rational judgement has gone out the window. Now if she had found it in a draw or in some sort of hiding place then yes it would put more blame on her then if she did this. They both made mistakes but his was the bigger of the two mistakes.

It's op fault. Maybe the guy was going to do his own laundry and she did it without him knowing or thinking about the ring in the pocket.

It's partially OPs fault yes but it's more the BFs fault. Also are you saying he intentionally left the engagement ring in his pants because he was going to do his own laundry later? if he put that much thought into it he could have put enough thought into actually hiding the ring. As I said they both made mistakes but as it all falls down to it the bfs mistake was the worst of the 2. Also everyone seems to be forgetting the one thing here any planning the bf had all came down to OP saying yes she was obviously going to say yes when she found the ring because she wanted him to ask her so everyone can complain all they want about how OP "ruined" it but in the end the guy is going to win out because hopefully OP is still going to say yes.

It's definitely the boyfriend's fault for leaving the ring in his pocket. But the OP really shouldn't have confronted him about it and ruined whatever surprise he had planned. No wonder he responded the way he did. He was probably waiting for a special moment and the OP ruined it. :(

I'm still hung up on "she's a girl, she got excited and all rational judgement has gone out the window" You're saying all girls just turn into mindless bimbos whenever they get excited? Lovely.

She didn't mean too, she was doing HIS laundry, like she probably always does. He should've hidden it better

131- I agree, that's kind of insulting. I usually keep my head, regardless of excitement. At least enough to not ruin a surprise my boyfriend planned.

133, it's quite sexist to assume she ALWAYS does the washing. I currently live with my boyfriend and we share the washing cus he feels like he has to do his bit. Also, when doing washing I don't just do mine I do whatever is in the basket to be done. It's a waste of time doing them separate just because they're not yours. :)

No, #33. It's OP's fault. She should have just kept her damn mouth shut and not said anything about it. The proposal is a really important part in your first steps to getting married. If its not romantic, and it's just boring and stupid the way OP made it, chances are the marriage will be too. It's her fault. Proposals need to be romantic and amazing. NOT the way OP ended up making it.

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That was quite possibly the dumbest string of sentences I've ever seen put together, 149; I sincerely hope there was some kind of satirical joke in there. That really takes away from your valid point that, yes, the OP was definitely to blame here.

149: tell that to my parents. My dad couldn't afford a fancy proposal so it was simple and sweet. Still together 19 years later. Tell that to my friends parents. Her dad spent tons of money proposing to her mom. Big fancy thing. Now they're divorced. You sound like the type of girl who has such high expectations for her man to meet that NOTHING they do will make you happy. Life isn't like the movies. If you love someone, you don't care how it happens, just that it does.

OP's fault. She should have just waited for him to propose. Ohh wait its very hard to wait these days isn't it. SMH

hey no one spoiled anything okay everyone better PIPE THE **** DOWN okay this could have gone one of both ways in a different perspective what if the boyfriend knows she does the laundry left it in his pant pocket and wanted he to find it and when she put it back it he freaked now obviously that didnt happen but still think why would she put the ring box back in the pocket and then into the wash?!?! what sense does that make?!?! zerooooo so yea i think her way was exceptional

Hey, that's not fair! She's helping him out by doing shared laundry, and it is extra effort to check pockets but she checked anyway so his phone/cards wouldn't get wreaked! Poor kid :-(