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Today, I had to give a reference for a former employee. I tried to say he was always willing to give us a hand on the job. Instead, I said he was always willing to give us hand-jobs. FML
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Well that's always a plus to have an employee for that.

Employee of the Month: Rick Rick is always a hands on guy. He's got a real firm grip on his duties and really knows how to beat the competition. When it comes to Rick he's an explosive guy who pulls his way to the top, he always finishes what he starts, is quick to lend a hand, and never leaves any job unfinished. He's got a satisfying ethic to him and I can honestly say he pleases me. Congratulations Rick.


oh god my new job in Tokyo is supposed to be checking out my old references from Canada :/ may the lord have mercy

aww man if i was that employee id be peeing myself laughing... haha

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What a beautiful Mercedes you have there.

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man to say that you must have enjoyed hand-jobs from him OP !

Why, where can I find this extraordinary, young man? I hope he's hard-working and dedicated, too, to go along with that great attribute.

sooo what were you thinking about when you were writing this reference? hahaha

How horny were you to completely miss 2 words?

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At least they didn't work at a glass blowing factory...

and he's gonna get the job cause of you.

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when I first read it looked like hand job :/ I fail -_-

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Well that's always a plus to have an employee for that.

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well op u must like hand jobs!

a quality like that will take him straight to the top! (of someones shaft)

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If she's going to be a secretary then that's fine.

wow you can actually hear the awkward.

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wow he's not goin to get that job.. or maybe he definitely will? depends on the employer..

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He's the guy you'll want in your work if you are looking for a person that will walk around and give all the other employees hand jobs question free.

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Hey you never know that reference and skill might come in handy?.