By Anonymous - 29/10/2020 11:02

The sweet smell of success

Today, my dad decided to make home-made popcorn. He accidentally used old fish oil instead of mazola oil. Now the house reeks of fish and we can't even throw the popcorn out for fear of attracting wild animals. FML
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  Chazzster  |  20

Deep frying uses a lot of cooking oil. If you were going to be deep frying again soon you might save the used oil. It’s not terrible if you cooked French fries. But if you cooked fish in the oil it’s going to smell of fish if you reuse it. If you were a (greasy spoon) restaurant selling a lot of fried fish you might reuse the oil from one day to the next. The cost of all that oil in the fryer is significant.

Nobody is going to cook popcorn in cod liver (fish) oil. This had to be used fryer oil from cooking fried fish.