By Anonymous - 15/04/2015 22:52 - Canada - Ottawa

Today, while cleaning my desk I found a stray gumball. I quickly popped it into my mouth only to discover with horror that it was a paintball. FML
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Don't throw random shit in your mouth YDI

Who has a random gum ball or even a random paint ball on their desk?


Who has a random gum ball or even a random paint ball on their desk?

people who have collected random things over time.

larrena2377 26

I just don't understand how OP couldn't tell the difference. All the paint balls I've ever touched have been somewhat squishy, not hard like a gumball.

A new, unused, paintball fresh from the bag/box is as hard as a gum ball.

#28 But if it was that fresh shouldn't OP have remembered it wasn't a gumball?

I always imagined you could get them like bath bombs, in a wrapper to keep them hard.

A fresh paintball could be mistaken for one if you aren't looking very hard. Its hard until exposed to moisture or heat for a prolonged period.

my question is why would they put it in their mouth in the first place?

truckers_wife 23

when i was a kid, my family had a collection of pink gumballs in our desk to redeem free movie rentals. it was a promotion they did for years at our local grocery store. after they stopped renting out movies we still had a small collection, and honestly, I think my parents might still have one or two in that desk.

Don't throw random shit in your mouth YDI

Can we just make this the golden rule? I feel like the current one is widespread enough that we're safe to switch things up. We could prevent a lot of STD's, choking deaths, and FML's if we did.

But then we wouldn't have as many FMLs to laugh over

Hmmm...fighting herpes or laughing at morons. Tough choice.

Why would we want to prevent funny FMLs?

Who can't tell the difference besides op or little kid

Why would you put either in your mouth? YDI

larrena2377 26

gumballs are supposed to go in your mouth? right?

No 29, that's called having a normal hygiene sense

But i really am a germaphobe and i'd do it! ....... Ok no i wouldn't it'd kill me

Dude, that paint is nasty. But non-toxic.

when you get shot in the face the paint often goes through the vent holes in the mask and can get in your mouth, not fun.

I second that, not fun at all. I was tasting paint for two hours, no amount of water or any drink could get rid of that taste

Dillyduzit 23

Do you frequently have gumballs just lying on your desk?

PokeyPorcupine 18

Always do the sniff/lick test.! Always op.

a) Why the hell would you do that? b) Why the hell would you have a paintball on your desk? YDI, totally

xivoricbutterfly 25

Even if it was a gum ball that would still be disgusting assuming that it would be old and dirty. Don't put things in your mouth without inspecting.