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  pie29302930  |  0

How do you even...? Hopefully it wasn't one of those " punch yourself and drop everything when you do." cuz then you've just embarrassed yourself and lost whatever your eating/ drinking.

  13FTW  |  9

How's he a dumbass? You never punch yourself in the face when taking in that delicious, white, creamy, mouth watering.... YOGURT. Get your fucking head outta the gutter.

  FreshSalad  |  1

Yes. He/She is squeezing the gogurt from the bottom to top, hand goes off the top, face close to gogurt, hand hits face.
Hope that makes sense. English isn't my first language.

  bms1996  |  12

step1:start squeezing the yogurt from the bottom
step2:your hand goes too quickly and you punch yourself in the face,and yogurt goes all over your face....