By yum yogurt - 30/10/2011 20:15 - United States

Today, I punched myself in the face while trying to eat a GoGurt. FML
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boredblonde 17

definitely worth it, gogurts are the best!

DrOfTheInternet 6

Fruit punch?


boredblonde 17

definitely worth it, gogurts are the best!

It would be better had this been a Klondike. What would you do for a Klondike bar???

boredblonde 17


That says something OP

I'm not really in a googling mood right now so can someone explain what the devil a "gogurt" is?

boredblonde 17

It's amazing flavored yogurt in a really skinny plastic tubey thing that you squeeze to get the yogurt out the top.

pinkpolarbear 8

73, its like a yogurt tube geared towards kids.

gunmania0 12

So it's like a frube. Got'cha.

Buttsexpirate 9

Gogurt? More like Gohurt... Yourself I mean. Dammit never mind

pie29302930 0

How do you even...? Hopefully it wasn't one of those " punch yourself and drop everything when you do." cuz then you've just embarrassed yourself and lost whatever your eating/ drinking.

Blonde moments ftw!

hollisterfreak52 1

Gogurts are awesome , totally forgot about them! But why in the world would you get punched in the face ? :(

I've done this so many times even with other stuff like unbelievable but I pulled it off..

jake1632 9

I'm thinking that it wasn't a gogurt tube..;)

brettlovesgirls 4

Stupid wiener. Jake1632 your pic kinda looks like my ex.. :0

Glitterhinoceros 14

^So your a homosexual.. I thought you liked girls? That's clearly a man

Describing what???

I've actually punched myself a few times the same wat

Oh like frubes! I love frubes :)

At first I read that as Gorguts.

GuitarFail123 9

i second this opinion^

13FTW 9

How's he a dumbass? You never punch yourself in the face when taking in that delicious, white, creamy, mouth watering.... YOGURT. Get your fucking head outta the gutter.

Joshoa123 16

Sometimes you just can't eat that stuff fast enough. It happens.

Like youve never done it, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

thatsphuckedsoba 0


kateheartswaffle 0

Is that even possible?

Absolutely, while you're trying to squeeze it out you were using too much force causing to punch yourself.

LoveKeepsGoing 7

That happened to me before -.-

With a cup of beer anything is possible.

I punched myself in the face while fapping...

flockz 19

....another guy off."

nattynatters 14

Yes. It hurts too.

I do that every time

flockz's comment made me laugh so hard i dropped my phone

Story of my life OP

sierralovesyou 0

Um that's not something you should admit... Haha smart med student (:

Yes it is it's happened to me before but then I lost my balance and fell (: I'm coordinated

FreshSalad 1

Yes. She could have been squeezing the tube from the bottom to top, hand slips at the top, face close to gogurt, hand hits face.

FreshSalad 1

Yes. He/She is squeezing the gogurt from the bottom to top, hand goes off the top, face close to gogurt, hand hits face. Hope that makes sense. English isn't my first language.

245 yes that makes sense

ricerboy 0

How exactly does that happen? O.o

easy. step1:start squeezing the yogurt from the bottom step2:your hand goes too quickly and you punch yourself in the face,and yogurt goes all over your face....

tylersign 11

37, that sounded a lot like directions for.. Something else ;)

FurryRocks 10

Hahaha how do you do that

FurryRocks 10

Hey I've done that before but how do you do that with Go-Gurt

Alexisthebestest 16

You try to get the last bit of that delicious yogurt out of the tube and your hand slips and hits you in the face. Yeah, you laugh now but it's really easy to do!

FurryRocks 10

Karma hurts bad really bad ow

beerankin 0

Oh wow xD

why did this get down voted?

DrOfTheInternet 6

Fruit punch?

sierralovesyou 0

Clever (:

iMagzzzy 0

Someones hungry

signuplogin 1

I pictured a Sassy lil girl sayin that with her hand on her hip cuz of the pic of the Wendy's girl

Then there's a certain sexual activity you probably shouldn't try either.

iPhonesha 1

Suckin dick huh? Lol

bizarre_ftw 21

74 - Salem? NICE!!!! I'm on the app so email me I want to ask you something

Well, did you finish it?

bizarre_ftw 21

In what sense?