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By doggone - 05/05/2012 23:07 - United States - King Of Prussia

Today, I walked in on my new puppy peeing on the carpet. The trainer had told me to punish her when she's bad by shaking a metal can of pennies at her, since the noise scares dogs. I shook it at her, and she responded by having explosive diarrhea all over the carpet in fright. FML
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It seems you've literately scared the shit out of your dog

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Isn't that what Lois does to Brian?


CallMeMcFeelii 13

Isn't that what Lois does to Brian?

Another good one is taking out Mr. Hoover.

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When I first read this I though it said penises

We all have those little dyslexic moments! Or at least I do...

Well a metal can full of penises would sure scare the shit out of me.

Luanne did it to Lady Bird to on King of the Hill. Have cartoons not taught us this does not work?

#75, A can of penises? Oh no! The horror!

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I don't know if I would say cruel, OP was just following the instructions given to them by a dog trainer.

there are other methods, like the training pads. they don't always work but it did the trick for my dog. btw it's not as cruel as rubbing their nose in.

OhDearBetrayal 25

What I meant was if the dog is scared enough to have diarrhea to loud and sharp noises, it's cruel. Maybe the penny can shaking would be more appropriate later when the dog is older, but a tiny puppy... Poor little guy haha

You honestly think that's cruel? Please don't raise kids. If you were a parent your kids would be so bratty

yeah, like a choke collar. way less cruel huh?

Yeah what happened to rubbing their nose in it and giving them a good ass whoopin?

53 - They're nothing compared to shock collars, that's for damn sure. I think they're fine so long as you only use it when it's absolutely necessary and it hangs lose enough to not restrict eating/breathing the rest of the time. I only use the one on my dog when he wants to stop in the middle of the road, for example.

56, you obviously didn't read what 24 said. Also, dogs aren't human children. A 'good old ass whuppin' would put you in jail for animal cruelty and the dog in an animal shelter. Again, like 24 said, a light spank and scolding would suffice...emphasis on the LIGHT.

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Dogs don't learn with punishments so hitting them won't work. Positive reinforcement is the only way they learn. Praising them and giving them a treat teaches them if they go outside they get a reward so that gets engrained into their minds.

Anything with a brain learns from both positive and negative reinforcement.

ifoundalaska 11

Positive reinforcement is proven to be the most effective training method actually.

Ifoundalaska, dogs do learn from negative reinforcement, but I would never use it. They learn much better when you only use positive reinforcement and ignore them when they are being bad. They will quickly learn that using the bathroom outside will get them treats and praise and they will stop using the rug because they know that gets them nothing. Plus dogs want to please their owners, so if you let them know that them going outside pleases you, they will do it. There are plenty of effective ways to train a dog without scarring them with pennies or spankings. Those things are just unnecessary.

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My pupp is almost a year old and I punish her the exact same way that 24 suggested, but one day she got really nasty when I spanked her (lightly) and she bit into my hand and gave me a scar, but when she did that I rolled up a newspaper and smacked her on the ass three times. Now whenever she does something very wrong I simply pull out the newspaper and she knows that she needs to stop or she's going to have a sore ass. I havn't had to use that newspaper on her one single time since.

That wasn't very cruel. If the op had hit the puppy with rolled up newspaper a few times like my dad used to do to our pup, that would be cruel.

Yeah 76 let me fill you in on a little something. There is a difference between animal cruelty and punishment. It tofu farting fairies like you that piss me off. I have 6 dogs all of them well behaved and trained. I punish them when they are bad, and yet everytime I come home they are all waiting on me tails a waggin glad to see their dad. So don't preach to me.

I just want to make clear I have big dogs (one is in my picture) I wouldn't punish a little tea cup dog the same I punish my big dogs.

OhDearBetrayal 25

42- No worries buddy, children aren't everyones life goals.

TheDrifter 23

115, positive reinforcement alone only teaches them what you want them to do. Unless you want wet floors for 6 months, both together is more effective and far quicker. I breed hunting dogs, using both positive and negative reinforcement. I have yet to have one fail to be yard trained by 12 weeks, the age when I put the pups destined for life as house pets up for sale (I give the hunting pups another 3 months of basic skills training).

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You've obviously never had a dog...

And pricks like you, xcrazymonkey32x, who like to talk mindless shit get right under my skin. And you just ****** with the wrong person princess. I KNOW how to discipline a dog, asswhipe, because I have a dog. Contrary to what your hick mentality will tell you, discipline does not vary depending on size. That's like saying you should discipline a small child differently from a big child. Bullshit. My dog is as well behaved as any other, and I practice what I preach. So before you come at somebody like a half-wit, get ALL of your facts straight. Fucktard.

In my experience dogs learn best through a mix of light punishment and lots of praise and rewards. I'd use a flick to the nose as punishment if I was OP.

Puppies are dog babies. You wouldn't beat or scare the **** out of a human baby because it takes a while for it to be potty trained so why do you think it's a great idea for baby dogs hmmm?

Right. I was talking about the kind of negative reinforcement exhibited in this FML that is meant to scare the dog into submission. If you give a stern "no" and then show the dog the correct behavior and praise them when they get it right, that is all that's needed. At most a light tap on the dog's backside could be used if the "no" isn't working to get them to stop, but after training, the word should be all that you need. I don't know how you all negatively reinforce your pets, I'm just saying that it isn't necessary to go as far as to scare the crap out of your puppy or to even come close to doing so.

kiran_fml 5

118 I don't think your dog likes you very much...

Ok the hit dude I just want to let you know I'm so proud you can take care and train one dog, like I said I have 6. I even have 5 horses that are all broke, that I broke myself except one. Yeah I am a country boy. I know how animals work cause I work with them damn near every day. When I said my punishment would vary between dog sizes I meant I wouldn't spank a small dog as hard as my big dogs. When I play with my dogs we play rough. Very rough. They will bring me to the ground and lick me and I'll bring them to the ground. They are tough. I don't think a good spanking is animal cruelty. I'm sure you spanking children is abuse too. My dad's dad spanked his ass my dad's beat mine and when I have kids I'll spank them too when needed. It's called discipline every one, even dogs, need it. Son you're barking up the wrong tree. But I'm going to beat your going to have something to say back you ain't worth the argument on a damn website. Have nice day.

mduffy08 8

Correction 81, if you burn the shit out of your puppy every time it pisses in the house... I don't think it will piss in the house anymore.

mduffy08 8

This may be the reason my dog ran into a pickup truck when I was 5 though. >:)

wiggleyeah 3

U should have put fuckface instead...... Ha

wiggleyeah 3

U need help!!!! Seriously........

56 - I'd word it a bit different, but it worked for me. My dog is the best dog that I've ever encountered.

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I completley agree it is creul!

poor_gurll1198 17

Actually, with dogs unless you catch them in the act, typically negative reinforcement won't work because they won't fully understand why you're mad and they will just become scared of you.

Kirbyzx 16

Amen, 125! This world is too full of tofu-farting pro-gay vegatarian wimps that it's nice to see someone else that doesn't cry when a dog does something bad and gets punished.

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There you go, scare the poor pup even more

And the owner quite literally scares the shit out of the dog.. Good job

cajekraze 7

OP is an idiot and has an idiot trainer. To potty train, you reward. When puppy is caught pottying inside, you quickly distract it, a sharp no will stop the process. Then you remove the dog to the desired potty place. When the pup is finished give praise and a reward. Then clean up the mess properly, I like the Bissell spot not. Your pup will quickly associate outside with good feelings and rewards and may even fake potty just for reward. Once pup is accident free for a week, taper off rewards slowly. If you punish or scare your dog, potty training takes longer because they will want to hide from you to do it.

It seems you've literately scared the shit out of your dog

I actually laughed out loud to that comment

Literately? As in she read to her dog so much that she scared the shit out of him? I like cake. And grammar.

Puppies are cute :D your fault for making it scared!! >.[

Hmmm it would seem as if everyone in FML likes dogs except for me... I feel like Mr. T in china town.

Hahaha actually 19, I hate dogs and cats more than anything in this world. The day I even come close to owning a cat or dog please come and shoot me in the face.

I hate murder and genocide and things. But I suppose pets suck too.

They're just training the dog while it's young.. You cant teach an old dog new tricks ;) You don't want your house smelling of piss'n shit either. If the trainer told her to do that to punish the dog I say FYL. Sorry to hear that OP.

17: Has an animal ever done anything bad to you? Because if they didn't you shouldn't hate them.

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You are missing an eye on your face

99- well I'm allergic to them. And It kinda pisses me off when me just going outside or going to school can get me sick because there are damn animals every where. Also it pisses me off that animals can consume a persons life, in which they pamper the little bastards to no end.

Wait, you hate animals for something they can't control? I get that you don't like being sick, and it is understandable, but allergies are usually kept under control with medicine. If you had some history with getting bit in the face by a rabid chihuahua or something that scarred you I would understand. Try not to hate animals for something they can not control, it's somewhat unfair to them. Oh and O.P, try a squirt bottle or possibly even a light tap on the butt. Scaring a dog will just make them run and hide, possibly even making your life harder.

mizuki123 8

Aww. It's not like the dog meant it.. It couldn't help itself

So instead of training the dog, they should just let It piss everywhere because it doesn't "mean to"?

The puppy is a girl, not an it. >_<

34 - not necessarily in reference to OP's dog.

Of course the dog meant it. It simply didn't know better though.


So did it mean "punish her" as in the trainer? Don't be stupid.

AnyaS 19

Why was 34 thumbed down? OP refers to the dog with female pronouns. Am I missing something here?

Oh shit. Sorry OP, but that's totally hilarious and you completely deserved it. Don't purposely try to scare your dog next time, poor puppy.

She was doing what a trainer advised her to do. Better than scolding and beating it for doing something wrong. This is how my grandma trained her dogs, and it worked out just fine.

Well, you use shit methods, you get what you pay for.

Lexiloulynn 2

That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard regarding puppy potty training. If the puppy goes potty in front of you (if you see the potty later and scold your puppy then, it won't understand) then take him/her outside ASAP, and when the puppy goes, praise it.

The amount of times you said "potty" in this post makes me feel like a five year old.

nancyschmancy 9

Puppy's absolutely understand "if I shit in the house, my nose is in it" anyone who says differently, has never house trained a puppy.

alliewillie 22

You're ignorant. I work in a vets office and we deal with dog trainers from all over. None of them would say this is "cruel" or "stupid". It's a distraction method and nothing more. It startles them and allows you a chance to stop and take them outside. Where did you get your dog training degree? You must have one if you know so much.

Well then OP was using the tool wrong. She didn't want to distract the puppy so she could take it outside, but to scare it so that it would associate peeing in the house with being scared.

If the puppy is scared to go to the toilet in front of you, it will make toilet training even harder

TheFamilyElf 17

Well, nobody likes having explosive diarrhea. Hopefully your pup will remember this, and next time everybody wins... Sort of...