By France Howell
Today, I rushed my wife to the ER because she was having abdominal pains. She was crying in the car and very faintly said, "If I die, our daughter goes to my sister and they get everything in my will." We later found out she was just having a bad gas problem. FML
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By  Zekfen  |  17

Good news for you, unless y’all had a pre-nup, and the daughter is your biological child/adopted child, her will gets ignored. By marriage everything that was hers becomes yours.

  mike3775  |  32

Depends on the laws where the person lives. My sister and I had to fight my aunts and uncles over my mom’s stuff because her will had been written before my sister and I were of legal age (18), and they really wanted her stuff.

  withered  |  30

Maybe there is a reason his wife said/did that? Unless the OP's wife did that for no reason/to be a bitch I would do some self reflection were I in OP's shoes.

  mekiswrite  |  20

Where I live you are legally obligated to provide for your spouse and children in your will. However, with adequate reason (e.g., I gave my child $10,000.00 in "gift money" during my life and therefore do not leave anything to them upon my death) you can leave spouse/children out. Perhaps OP has money and the wife felt it unnecessary to leave him anything. Though, OP should have been made aware of this a long time ago.

  KittyMack  |  13

Yep totally. YDI if you're calling in sick once a week due to staying up late to play World of Warcraft or online poker, or snort coke. YDI if your temper or other flaws get in the way of a healthy relationship. Or if you have fallen for more than one Nigeria.n prince scam. Ever burgled someone you knew's house. All sorts of things.
FYL and my sympathy & outrage if it's unwarranted, maybe her bond with her siblings is cultishly overboard or something.
I don't imagine the marriage could survive this though, whatever the meaning is.

By  MN_girl21  |  7

While what she said wasn’t nice and not something to gloss over, I once had severe abdominal pain and wouldn’t let my husband take me to the ER because I thought they would tell me it was just gas or something. Ended up needing to call 911 while he was at work because I kept passing out and was shaky. Turns out I had a hemorrhaged cyst and lost 2.5 liters of blood internally. So don’t ignore abdominal pain for fear of it being gas..