By Broken Leg, Broken Job
Today, I was fired for not having a reliable mode of transportation. I’ve only had to take the bus recently because three days ago, my boss’s son was messing around in the parking garage, lost control, and totaled my car. FML
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By  kirby1964  |  20

I agree lawsuit is a good idea, but get a good lawyer. Some of those guy will take advantage of you and will take half on your award and charge a fee on top. Be careful.

By  azisles02  |  17

If you can't sue the company for wrongful termination because of right to work or other state laws, make sure to sue the son for everything he's worth. Damage to property & now take on loss if wages as well as mental distress this caused for being fired by his dad or mom. Either way, make sure your ex-boss pays dearly for this.

Don't want to be around when their karma is balanced, that's for sure.