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Today, I begged my husband to take me to the ER cause my stomach hurt so bad I thought I was gonna die. He told me to go sit on the toilet and stop being a drama queen. I drove myself to the hospital just in time for my appendix to burst. I almost died because my husband was busy playing xbox. FML
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Time for some serious discussions about the state of your marriage and his level of consideration, care, and respect for you.

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Sad, sad. Someone should be in the doghouse for a while..


good, now suck his dick and make him a sandwich

Repttar I hope your appendix bursts too. I'm sorry OP that's truly horrible. If my hubby did that a divorce lawyer would be getting a call from me.

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that what the **** I am talking about

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wow all u fags ever care about is xbox. if that ever happens to ur wife/girlfriend, i hope she dumps ur stupid ass.

Apparently you care enough to bother commenting.

don't worry he loves u !! how because my wife woke me up 4 am appearantly her water broke.. so she drove herself to er and we have a beautiful baby.. and I love her !!;)

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havnt you hear the saying MW2 before YOU hahaha ure husband is a douche though

MW2 is a pretty fun game in his defense... ...although yeah, it still was kinda a faux pas on his part.

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that hand-eye coordination will serve him well for the next month or so

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maybe if op would have been worth liking he would have cared. stop sucking

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#4 your a jackass. anyone who won't take there loved one to the hospital because there playing a game is a total jerk. any one who thinks otherwise is a jackass. women are equal to men. oh, for thoes who play it: YOU LOST THE GAME

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**** you, FireNinja. i lost the game. -.- op, i am so sorry. good thing you drove yourself? i smell divorce!

I'd make him a sammich out of his dick. Because you are what you eat and you know what it is. Es ist mein Teil! OP, the dangers of having a husband! If you were alone, you'd just call the emergency!

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108, you ******* asshole, neither men or women are better than the other. you're a ******* sexist pig and you deserve the deepest pit of hell. if i was your mother (a WOMAN who carried your ungrateful ass around for nine ******* months and popped you out of her ******), i'd be sick to my stomach to know that you view women in such a horrible way. you men use your ''bigger male body'' to show women around and tell them to make you a sammich/suck your dick. if i knew who you were, you wouldn't have a dick to suck. being dependable is good, fucktard. and not all of us are hung up on our nails/hair/make-up. you are probably 10 years old. get a life.

^this. also, GTFO, 108. and also... I LOST THE GAME! D:

#65 there was nothing funny to kill in the first place. I'm a woman engineer and put up with this shit all day. Walk a mile in my shoes and you might see it's not funny as well. The woman jokes are just as offensive as racist jokes. If you want to tell them do so in private with your friends to have a laugh, not in public. That just makes you look like a jackass.

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*claps for 127* thank you, dear.

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**** you diipshit. and get your sexist ass out of here u fag >:O

#127, it's fml,it's supposed to be funny, so stop complaining and let others have fun

AngryNinja 1

141, she wasn't ''ruining'' the ''funny'' fml. she was ''ruining'' the comment made by #4, which was extremely sexist and uncalled for.

it's funny how all of you jump the gun and say to leave him. you all have not been in a relationship and your giving bad advise. GTFO and STFU we all know that he made the wrong choice and played xbox instead but think about maybe she bitches a lot like you and maybe he thought she was being a total bitch. you don't know her or him but we can conclude that made a bad choice from her point of view...

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108, what are you, 9? Not all women are like that. In fact, very few are like that. Except the part about being dependable. How the **** is being dependable bad...?

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(above the agreed part. that was suposed to be for another comment. this thing is screwing up. rgghh... lol #108 ur a sexist bastard. >:(

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but males are way better in everything they do. I'm not saying I don't like girls cuz I do they are good in bed. But us men are smarter, stronger, more confident, and funnier (girls telling jokes are lame)

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151, just stfu. you make yourself look as bad as 108.

145, actually I am married and have been in the exact same situation but I was the gamer. He was going to leave me if I didn't quit WoW. So I quit WoW. Havent touched it since. If the OPs husband has his priorities straight he will quit the unhealthy habit to save the relationship. If he doesn't she needs to get out.

Haha, that would be my luck. I grew up with a drama queen, so when I got my concussion, my mom was completely desensitized...made me go back up the ski lift and board down to the other side of the mountain. I ended up taking myself to first aid. My mom showed up, after multiple attempts to get ahold of her, a couple minutes after the ambulance left with me to the hospital. A lot of people are used to drama queens and don't always believe when something is a real problem. I wouldn't fault him too much, although there's no guarantee that his xBox would be safe, lol. Heck, after my surgery last week, when my shoulder was BEYOND hurting, my mom told me it wasn't that bad and to just deal with it, lol. :D

#151, I disagree strongly. women (especially me) are better that video games. some, not all. I can rack up a mean set of kills on mw2. ;) and women are better at a lot of shit, because we're mentally stronger, and come on. if it feels like we're dying because of how much pain it's causing, it's something serious, unless you have one of those girls who whines at everything. btw stop being sexist to whoever the hell made that one comment. you're stereotyping and not all women are the same, kthx. :)

excuse me? smarter? More women graduate college than men. Stronger: I can beat up half the guys in my grade. Women live longer, and get sick less often. And I'm pretty sure I'm a hell of a lot more confident than you are.

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# 108, I have a feeling you might be a raging ****. Just saying. =/

hahahahaha women equal to men. you are so funny

I'm not a grammar Nazi (though it helps hehe), I'm an equality Nazi. shut up. why does it make a difference who can do what? guys - stop thinking we're gods. seriously, I'm on our side, and it's easy to say most of us are pigs. girls - equality's cool and all, but don't take everything the wrong way - things are bad now, but everythings improving. we need to get over ourselves.

151, way to objectify women like that. So all they're good for is sex? You and 108 are truly awful people if you believe the nonsense you're spewing.

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#4 Kudos to you on the original and unorthodox comment. (That's sarcasm, nitwit)

hahahaha you also make me laugh I love how women think they can tell men off

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#108, that's a ******* stereotype. pathetic much? NOT ALL women are like that.

I love how you think you're above people?

oh yeah and you look hot so why not send me some nudes

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my sanity has been restored! thank god not all men agree with 108.

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@114 epic f***ing win! harsh but still not favoring any particular side, bravo! that's not easy to do.

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a woman engineer huh? good. go engineer me a ******* sandwich

not a win for missbrightside, though thats completely plausible. Ask and all shall be revealed ;) a win for 190 and 114

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thank you 158 it is about f*** ing time someone with some damn sense commented on this whole eqality thing. all you people arguing one sidedly over the eqality thing need to f** mature a little, I don't even think twelve year olds do that anymore....

its fake no man would that let the person he has sex with die

your stomach doesn't hurt when your appendex is inflamed.

#4 epic win! except its sammich not sandwich.

only the ugly girls are against sexism, and "AngryNinja" confesses in her own short bio that she gets bullied at school and looks like a man. This appears to be supporting evidence. also did someone seriously try to argue women are stronger than men?

108 U sexist piece(spelling lol) of shit my wife may not have a job but she works her ass off to clean, cook, and watch my daughter and son and woman and men are both equil in every way besides that woman live longer.

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im a man, and all those things apply... to my brother.

i agree... except eve didnt eat the apple because eve didnt exist... religion is bullshit and i am surprized that we have allowed ourselves to continue believing in that nonsense with the science and intelligence that we have now. but yea and everything else u said was pretty spot on except i think its close... men are overall more skilled but women are good too.

my comment disappeared :o anyway, im an ugly girl? FTW? Quiet douchebags

Theft is illegal. I wouldn't go stealing his stuff.

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@166, dont bring up life spans to a guy who should be 16 years dead. I LOST THE GAME.. OF LIFE >|:-<

@214 just got an UBER WIN against religion

you still have 2-7 hours to live after it appendix bursts...

ummm... yes.. men are smarter than women... i dont know where the hell you are getting your facts but people graduating from college in the world are 58% men. While more women GO to college, only 86% of them ever graduate so more men have degrees. also (and more important in my opinion), is the fact that the world's genius's are mostly men. Average school grades for women are usually around C+ to B-, which is very good. The difference is, most women try hard and succeed with mostly avergae and some good grades. Men have many more dropouts and failures but also have many more A+ students. women are more consistently average and often harder working, but men are smarter.

i noticed in your post you didnt mention how many men drop out?

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you deserve a divorce too! no woman deserves to drive themselves to the hospital, expecially in labor! the father of my children drove me for all 3 of mine and we weren't even together for the last one! he even had a new girlfriend! some men can be such assholes!

i agree with you that the more intelligent you get the more you realise that we know very little about this earth and universe. However, I still dont believe that that backs up religion. Important scientific theories that are backed up with facts like astronomy (especially big bang theory) and evolution directly clash with religion. For me: Fact against an old book that people believe is the all knowing story of a miraculous god that magically appeared and created everything and has not been seen since... I'll stick with facts.

i havent found the average men dropouts in my FML research... :) ... however, it is most likey just less than the womens' (probably around 7-9%)...

What "facts" are you referring to that go against religion?

i believe 108 meant to say dependant instead if dependable.

AngryNinja 1

only fucktards think ''ugly'' girls are the only ones against sexism. any girl who has any respect for herself wouldn't allow a man to walk all over her.

amazinggbaby 2

@108 I'm sorry that your mother didn't love you and that the only pussy you can get in life is dirty hooker pussy or pussy from girls you rape with your incredible male power. Have you ever thought of that woman you came out of? or was your dad a tranny?

I don't think you're ugly, Ninja. Far from it, actually. So that person is wrong, whoever he may be.

that's a very immature point of view against women. women are the ones who bear the children and give birth to them. without them your stupid ass wouldn't be here so give them more respect!

incredible male power, haha made me laugh :) we dont have that.

AngryNinja 1

surpressed, they were throwing 108's words back at him. aw, thanks, boppity. xP

umm... evolution, big bang, and anything to do with astromomy... i was raised catholic and my parents didnt even want me learning about astromomy or evolution because apparently "god created man" so we didnt evolve from primates despite the overwhelming evidence and FACTS that prove we did. also "god created the earth and the universe" even though there is evidence supporting the big bang theory

You're welcome :) Still waiting on those facts that disprove religion, though...

Oh, there they are! Except... They aren't facts. Evolution is still only a theory; this is because it does not have any actual facts to back it up. Neither does the Big Bang Theory.

religion probably shouldn't be forced onto children...I reckon it would be better if the parents weren't allowed to try and enforce it unroll the kid is 18 or whatever and has mor than one side of the story. heck, they might even go for a different religion, but that shouldn't matter, because 'god loves everybody'

That being said, even if evolution were true, it wouldn't disprove religion altogether. I know a good deal of Christians who believe in evolution; they look at the Old Testament as more of a book of parables than actual truth.

253, first your "facts" are unproven theory. Second, they do not disprove religion. Many modern Christians believe that evolution, big bang, etc were actually driven by a higher power pulling the strings as opposed to random events.

it should be more like a moral book...but I guess some people NEED it to believe in something they can trust on an emotional level.....everyone's at least bothered by dying :/

AngryNinja 1

suppressed, come talk to my parents. my mom threatened to disown me if i convert out of catholicism. so i just choose to be a really bad catholic school girl. ;)

Here's one of my arguments for creationism: Imagine you woke up one morning and found a line of ten leaves, perfectly aligned, on your porch. You brush them away. The next morning, the exact same thing happens. And the same thing repeats for a month. What would you think? You wouldn't think that the wind blew the leaves into such a pattern repeatedly. You would wonder who put them there.  This is because order does not occur randomly. Order has to come about by someone else's doing. Since there is order in the universe, someone must have made it so. 

no way! that's pretty brutal that. think of my upbringing this way - in England the highest teen pregnancys are in the north-east. in the north-east the highest area of teen pregnancys is known as tyneside. this happens to be the area my towns in *rolls eyes*....apparently we're from the less crappy part of town though, so we're slightly uptight without being conservative :P

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wow, your a dick. with that attitude i dont see you getting a girl at all.

science's idea is that everything that appears to have an order actually does. but not by a creator, but by the entity itself. A few cells stick together near some nutrients. try reading something like 'the god delusion' should probably be avoided if you get angry easy, but is really good in explaining his opinion

AngryNinja 1

268, if you mean 108, we've concluded he's gay.

with everyone else around me getting laid and the rise of STI's I'm not sure I want one ;)....either way, I'm not particularly interested in either girls or boys.

and my other post (268) seems to have been cut down to a sentance about cells - I had a mini essay on the build up of an organism but meh....:)

suppressed08, I just might try reading that. I don't ever get angry, but I always find opposing viewpoints fascinating. I also absolutely love to debate people, so knowing the opposite side's argument can be quite helpful. The only fact concerning religion is that there is no possible way to prove one side or the other. We can only look at evidence and interpetations.

AngryNinja 1

supps, you are now a fail-at-life. ;)

Uh, sorry, but how can you not believe in evolution? That's like saying that you're going to drop this apple, but you don't believe it will fall to the ground. After all, gravity is only a theory. I don't know what they teach you guys, but evolution is when organisms mutate randomly and sometimes gain an advantage over their species, causing the ones without an advantage to die out. I just don't see how you can't believe that. As for proof, it's all around us. Humans used to use their appendixes but now it's become useless and more and more over time the appendix is getting smaller until eventually humans could be born without it. Many people with appendixes are getting them removed because it's life threatening. Before modern technology, that would be evolution; those with less fit traits die out and all preceding humans are born with smaller appendixes that don't threaten their life. Not wanting to start a huge debate here, just don't see how people can go around saying that there isn't facts about it.

@freezes actually, darwinian evolution is: (natural) animal with desirable trait (eg, strength/height) animal with desirable trait = animal offspring with desirable trait. continue this over several generations and it can spread through a species. (artificial) the same as natural, but enforced by humans (say, to mate to prize cows to get the best beef)

oh wait, you did get that right, I misread the appendix thing :)

Now that, Freeze, is a good explanation. Thank you. I see your points (and they're very good ones!), but to me, evolution doesn't explain things like morals or even genders. But please, look up at my previous comment and see what you have to say about that. suppressed08, you're now on my list of commentors I like on FML. Really! Click on my profile and you're there!

cool! :) I have no idea why we have genders....especially since plants and some animals are adrognous. surely it's splitting the races survival chances in half? morals....hmmm...the brain is amazingly well developed, I suppose it can do anything. why, is another story if there isn't something putting the idea of morals there.

Could you possibly rephrase this? "why, is another story if there isn't something putting the idea of morals there." Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude; I just don't understand what you're trying to say.

if morales weren't given to us, then how did we get them :)

See, that's where the idea of God comes in. They were given to us, not developed over time.

@134 (and others)...Homophobia is no more acceptable than sexism...the term 'fag' is extremely offensive. Not that I care if that dumbass is offended, but the term is offensive and alienating to many others on this forum.

Apparently my other comment did not get through, so I'll repost: That's where God comes in. We were given morals by God, not as the result of some evolutionary activity.

@ 108 and 151, fail trolls are fail. guys, if it smells like a troll, don't respond to its comments, because that only makes it stronger. just ignore it. they only want attention

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I take it your a dude. fine, have all the women in the world just dissapear. good luck being gay. and have you also noticed how many women are smarter? I'm not super super feminist. but what the **** people.

@ktbird I totally agree to both... wtf is wrong with people... maybe these losers get a rise of being "tough" on the internet... lame...

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@21 people like you always jump to devorce way to quickly I'm sure he's not a doctor and did not know that she had a serious stomach problem

deliciouscake 3

yo 108, I find it hard to believe you, as a man, are anything close to equal to a woman when you have to say "excuse my spelling" at the end of your paragraph. Anyway, Adam's first wife Lilith left him because he was an asshole. Read up on your Bible studies before you make a complete ass of yourself on the internet, you incompetent ******* fool. I try really, really hard not to be sexist against men when a man says something sexist against women, but it's idiots like yourself that really tempt me..

and you, #108, bitch about women quite a bit more that women bitch about their nails. so suck it up. the only correct thing u said was that women have a less self confidence than men. congratulations on finally noticing how incredibly disproportionate the male ego really is.

LTMcleod 0

don't hate cause your a feminist bitch, I never said I don't appreciate women, i'm sick of dumb ass women like you ( angryninja ) thinking they deserve better then everyone else in the god damn world. women are always favored over stupid reasons. Go read up on the history books, your just to dumb to even think of debating with. I'm out

quikwit1212 0

Good thing you're leaving, I was about to bitchslap you over the Internet, and I'm a guy.

FireNinja 3

damn. i would of thrown his xbox or w/e our the window..and made shure IT exploded. >:)

Don't call him. Call someone else and let him figure it out on his own so he can start freaking out when you don't come home. That'll teach him ;)

asianwolf 2

wow, #4 is being sarcastic. god sarcasm has completely died.

rldostie 19

Not all men are stronger than all women. but strength is hardly a measure for greatness. is an Scottish man better than a Japanese man? Scottish men tend to be bigger and stronger. so by that argument, Japanese men are not equal to Scottish men. Now how stupid does that sound?

rldostie 19

Individual women have prove. themselves time and time again. How many of the men making sexist comments on here served in war? I have. And I'm just one woman who serves beside several other physically, mentally, and emotionally strong women. I think that makes me pretty equal to men.

GeoThermalSleuth 0

Okay, I'm sick of hearing Men saying they are better then Women and Women saying they are better then Men. In my opinion it doesn't matter, everyone is Equal, Man or Women. So can we quit this argument and just feel bad for OP?

@222 I don't know any facts or statistics like you seem to, but personally everything you said goes against my experiences. As a female high school student, I've gotten straight A's my entire life without a B to my name. The only other people I've known to do this also are women. Studies have shown that it's very difficult to compare the intelligence of boys to girls because their learning styles are usually very different from eachother. I just don't think it's fair to generalize that men are smarter than women, and I'm also not saying it's the other way around either. I also don't think an argument over which gender is superior is called for either, because that's just....stupid. Men do not need to be treating women like unintelligent pieces of shit they can use for sex then trash the entire gender on the internet. And women can stop acting like they're above being sexist too because you know you generalize men too. Can't we just accept our differences? just my, uh, very long-winded two cents.  

yes you are right, they are not 100% absolute facts... but, they are believed to be true and have something that no religion has- actual data to support it. while it is possible that the big bang and evolution didnt exist, it is highly likey that they did. Religion has NO support. The only thing Catholocism has is the bible which is a BOOK! anyone can write a book. the bible is no more real than The Oddessy or any other old MYTHS

AngryNinja 1

108/327, you're arguing. jesus, now i understand why people are grammar nazis. i barely understood what you said. you are a complete and utter dumbass. i never said i deserve better. i never said women aren't favored. men are favored too. men aren't better. women aren't better. WE ARE EQUAL. except for you. you can go sleep with the pigs. jackass.

Yeah but Adam ate it, didn't he? So Adam is the dumbass. Not Eve. This doesn't matter, by the way, it ain't history. There's very little proof if any that these people existed. So let's go on the physical theory which you have: Men are bigger than women. Yes, overall, definitely men are larger, that is why they usually eat more as well. However, just being bigger does not make you more agile, more intelligent, or better in any way than another person, male or female. Men are equal to women and women are equal to men. Although their brains work differently, this only serves as an advantage since they can work together as a team towards a goal. Being sexist does not contribute to the betterment of our society, by the way.

i agree with everything you have said... i am really not sexist, however, it pisses me off that women want equality only when it suits them best. You want equal respect, equal job opportunities, equal pay at those jobs, and everything else that would make life better. However, what about the common stereotypes that say that they men must buy their gf/wife expensive gifts for any occasion the woman wants to celebrate (especially the monthly anniversaries which are retarded)? This was created because men had jobs while women were housewives. I have never received a gift from any girlfriends even on valentines day (small things on christmas and b-day)... i never complained but if you want jobs and money, why cant you spend your money to appreciate your bf? The men are always supposed to pay for the dates too. While making this argument before, I have been told that it is just tradition. But, tradition is changing! however, women only want it to change for their favor. And this exact same concept can be applied to many other things as well.

AngryNinja 1

365, i totally agree. i hate the monthverseries. it's a good thing i live in the 21st century, because i would never be a housewife. i don't like having the guy pay for a date. it's awkward. i don't see the point behind expensive gifts. material items don't mean much.

damn you fireninja. I am sorry for OP though. that is total bs. I hope that you are better now though,OP.

i am happy to hear of your successes... honestly... its funny because the same exact scenario is also occuring at my school. except the opposite. While my facts are real, i appreciate smart women and i believe that they are a great contribution to society. However at my school, there are only 3 girls in the top 25 for the school. (#6, #11, and #24)... (I am #4)... While, based on experience, i have seen that when it comes to retaining information and also thinking logically, men are slightly better. (again im not saying its fact its just based off my experience at my current and last school)... However, women are definitly more driven and are harder working. The smartest kid in my high school by far is a boy named Matt... However, Matt is not #1, nor #2, he is #17 at my school because he settled for 93's when he could have gotten 99's. The girl at #6 worked as hard as she could and (not because shes a woman) but she is not as smart as #'s 7-10... But she had more common sense and work ethic, she beat them.

if your 270, your a ****, and your ugly, I wouldn't look at you twice if we were walking by eachother, keep your self esteem low where it belongs an don't depend on 268 to give you a E compliment, go suck a dick and make a sandwich, I agree 100% with 108, he's the shit

think of the chances of an upset stomach being a bursting appendix though.. that's like if your head hurt randomly one day, what are the chances that it's actually a concussion? he probably didn't expect it any more than she did.

326 , **** you and your use of the word disproportionate , we don't hitch and complain and make ourselves fake to fit in, a guy gains confidence by experience, not getting a boob job , and spending money on fake nails, and fake hair; and then complain they can't find a REAL man, **** you and your feminist bullshit

malafacaeous 0

#127 what you are saying is that now only white men can't be descriminated against. Because saying a woman joke is like a racist joke makes me think that you are insecure in your own skin and wanna play the race card to validate your insecurities. Here's a ****** clue, grow up and stop trying to be such a damn activist.

WTF how could you not drive her! that's so insensitive

that was uncalled for, being sexist doesn't mean you're gay.

Ouch... tell him to get a ******* life and stop being an addict and asshole. If he says something rude in responce, tell him to sleep on the couch and lock your bedroom door. If he keeps it up, kick him out, if still more, divorice him and call him an asshole repeatedly.

regardless of her bitching, if she was having a medical issue he needs to help her. I'm not saying she should leave him or anything, I'm just stating that if I was extremely ill and I needed to go to the hospital and my boyfriend wouldn't do it, I'd be pissed too. Anyone who had had severe pain knows it's really hard to drive in that condition.

uhm, not your STOMACH...but definitely your abdomen. Severely. ask your doctor.

If men are so strong then why are women the ones who have periods and babies? Not that you would know the pain that women go through while menstruating or giving birth because you've probably never even come close to getting a girl or laid. Is that why you're so anal retentive... because you've never been on a date or gotten laid? FYI: Maybe if you stopped being a sexist pig you would get female attention... but then again you're such a well rounded asshole it may never happen.

TylersEM2 0

I didn't know people still play the game!!! that's awesome. ! but what really sucks. is I just lost the game for the firs time in a year :(.

@402 I'm all for equality and fair pay and stuff....but pleaaasseee don't mention periods and childbirth. people'll be arguing for days :P does it matter who suffers most? what matters is we all suffer, and can relate to each other on this level u must really hate women were you born gay or did you decide just now

Really? because it's proven that women are more intelligent than men. are you happy that you're alive? because if you are, be glad that your mother, who's a woman, didn't get an abortion.

@410, just now, thanks. what did that have to do with my post?

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@ imdeborah No one likes you, go away... stupid, ugly, black woman...

*insert sarcasm here about black OBVIOUSLY being bad......* *rolls eyes*

I think he meant dependent, not dependable. apparenly trying to demonstrate his superior male intellect.

I think I may have found my future wife.

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Nis3y_Babi 0

@378 if u hate women that much u might as well b gay

I agree with 108 and 4, women are best for one night stands and being kicked to the curb in the morning, call me sexist all you want but all women are drama queens and over react to everything, how are we supposed to know how serious something is if you act like your dying when you break a ******* nail. you friek out level is at a 10 to everything that happens, whether you stub your toe, or your having cramps, **** you feminist ******

Pretty fake FML. You do know that it takes more than a day for the appendix to burst right...? My dad had appendicitus and his burst after a weeks pain, course he realized something was wrong so he went to ER. Just saying this is pretty fake haha

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Divorce is not the answer to everything.

if he's the shit...then you're a dumbass. HTH, fuckface.

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Wanna cite a source for any of that? Other than Convenient Theories for Misogynists Weekly?

AngryNinja 1

454, thank you. obviously fuckyourlife99 can't get laid and only likes one night stands because he's afraid that when the date rape drug wears off, the woman will scratch her own eyes out. just because you can't get laid makes us all ******? i don't think you could pay anyone enough to do you. if you're not a virgin, your mother doesn't count. if i walked past you, i wouldn't look, for fear that the blood vessels in my eyes might burst. seriously, not all women get boob jobs/worry about their nails. you need to get your information straight. you're just making yourself look like even more of a dumbass by arguing false points. you are a waste of space.

suppressed08: get a haircut and get off the internet; you're 14. shouldn't you be jerking off or something? AngryNinja: nobody cares or appreciates you defending your fellow women by suggesting castration. everyone else: LOL

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472, you jackass, i never said anything about castration. shit-for-brains.

Really? Its PROVEN that women are smarter than men? Ive never heard of that study before... The more interesting part is the fact that intelligence cant be accurately measured so how was this study conducted? Did they give the same IQ test to a certain # of males and females? Not only are IQ tests inaccurate but doing well on one requires more luck than intelligence... And if not random IQ tests than how? I would really enjoy hearing you back up that utter bullshhit with what your retarded mind believes is an actual study.

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and did you know women who get married to men their lives get cut shorter? and when men marry women they expand their life longer?

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I don't understand the importance behind these equality debates. Statistics and biological observations can never "prove" which sex is "better." REAL proof would need to be the result of a serious, long-term experimental study with a diverse sample group, rigidly homogenized settings/stimuli, and carefully chosen parameters to define what "better" is for starters. But such a study would violate human rights, and will never happen. But those of us who see the ignorance in the sexist remarks here have already proven something--WE are better than THEM. We know this because while we are able to identify the idiocy and inappropriateness of their comments, they are too stupid to do the same.

actually, my boyfriend has no job so I pay for all the dates we go on =

#326, again you are scary. You are an incompetent fool, generalizing the WHOLE female race on account of the mere 25-40% of women who get boob jobs and crap like that. what's wrong with women trying to feel pretty? I myself am a tomboy so I don't know but a lot of girls like to feel pretty. you're stupid. kbye

I don't like the debate over who is better; we are equal. everyone is equal. and we shouldn't be putting one above the other.

WTF there are trolls everywhere! o_O

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FYI my boyfriends mom is the CEO of an engineering firm, and she makes more money in a year than one of you guys plus your parents combined. but I have a feeling the little boys like #108 and estoy_de_acuerdo have only ever made money from a lemonade stand so they don't count anyway.

jesus ******* christ. are you fools actually argueing about this? people are all equal, but as an average. men are better at some things and women are better at others. people need to get past this. I'm guessing the OP didn't persist enough to get their point across or is somewhat of a drama queen. I mean I don't know any man or woman that would willingly let someone drive if their appendix was going to burst.

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same thing happened 2 me but i was 13 and my appendix already bursted INSIDEcmt stomach my case is much more worse

I agree #514... all people are equal and women are better in someways and men are better in others. The OP definitely sounds like a whiner.

@472, actually, im nearly 17, soooo........ masturbating? no thanks, im not a retard that needs sexual pleasure for entertainment. the hair? keeps me warm in winter :)

Men were made to be dominant, it's not sexist. It's just the way of life.

men were not made to be dominant, it's just mans personality in this era.

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I belive in evolution but can not agree with any1 who uses the swastika as their picture

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Men take their 'God-given' dominance to a whole new level. It's a G made to look like a swastika, from Grammar Nazis.

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Wow you are such a moron. Would you say that about your mother...that the only thing she is good for is a one night stand and should be kicked to the curb! Your sterotyping, not every women acts like that, infact I don't know any women that actually act like that. Women are just as great as men, and great at many things...honestly I can't believe there is a sexest battle going on now considering there are many women that make more then their husbands and now a days more and more men are becoming the "stay at home mom/soccer mom". Even if your opinion was true a women can only be good for a one night stand...I'm betting that's better then what you can offer anyone!

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Wow you are such a moron. Would you say that about your mother...that the only thing she is good for is a one night stand and should be kicked to the curb! Your sterotyping, not every women acts like that, infact I don't know any women that actually act like that. Women are just as great as men, and great at many things...honestly I can't believe there is a sexest battle going on now considering there are many women that make more then their husbands and now a days more and more men are becoming the "stay at home mom/soccer mom". Even if your opinion was true a women can only be good for a one night stand...I'm betting that's better then what you can offer anyone!

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Wow you are such a moron. Would you say that about your mother...that the only thing she is good for is a one night stand and should be kicked to the curb! Your sterotyping, not every women acts like that, infact I don't know any women that actually act like that. Women are just as great as men, and great at many things...honestly I can't believe there is a sexest battle going on now considering there are many women that make more then their husbands and now a days more and more men are becoming the "stay at home mom/soccer mom". Even if your opinion was true a women can only be good for a one night stand...I'm betting that's better then what you can offer anyone!

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Wow you are such a moron. Would you say that about your mother...that the only thing she is good for is a one night stand and should be kicked to the curb! Your sterotyping, not every women acts like that, infact I don't know any women that actually act like that. Women are just as great as men, and great at many things...honestly I can't believe there is a sexest battle going on now considering there are many women that make more then their husbands and now a days more and more men are becoming the "stay at home mom/soccer mom". Even if your opinion was true a women can only be good for a one night stand...I'm betting that's better then what you can offer anyone!

You should read the Scum Manifesto. Here's a URL for a copy that doesn't have too many typos: It's an interesting opinion, and a good way to respond to sexists.

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women are equal to men no matter wat u say. considering all u said was mostly shit that had no relevence to equality and was mostly bitching anyway. and according to statistics in the next couple of years women will be higher up on the societal totem pole then men and will get higher paying jobs because men are failing out of college twice as often as women do. Sure women bitch alot and wtf ever but u sir are an ass. trolled mutha fucka.

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wow 1847 people say YDI those people should have their brain bursted

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i completely agree. just because I and other men have bigger muscles and stuff don't mean shit. he'll if women weren't a part of our lives then we would all be complete messes.

everybody stop with the men are better than women thing. three kids in my district have skipped grades, two girls and one boy. the best wrestler on the middle school team is a girl and the 3rd best on the highschool team is a girl. this years valedictorian was a girl and the salutatorian was a boy. were all equal. girls might be hung up on there hair and nails but guys are hung up on xbox and MW2 and COD. everybody chill.

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HAHAHAH And that's why I will always have a high educate and make more money than you! And yes my hair will look good the whole damn time I'm doing it.

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not his fault, for all we know, you could be one of those girls who bitch about everything. it was probably normal for you to claim you feel like your dieing, FYI, learn not to complain.

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umm is it just me or did I read that her APPENDIX EXPLODED!!

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LTMcleod needs a good junk punch. thankfully, there are plenty of people here who would like to do just that. I'm gonna get a bit more creative with my turn and bring a pair of scissors. who's with me? ;)

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136, i've got dibs. i think scissors are too heavy-duty for his supposed ''package''. i'm just going to use a butter knife.

#119: Appendices do, in fact, burst or rupture. It's severely dangerous to have a ruptured appendix and it can kill you if it's not treated in time.

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oh and for everyone saying I don't treat women right, is that why I still always open the door, send roses, break my back for my best friends (GIRLS) I'm respectful, while most of you date bad boys who treat you like shit. your all hypocritical bitches in the end.

angry ninja, it makes me laugh how seriously you take everything, get a ******* life you ugly complaining ****

you too supressed; nobody even can tell if your a girl man, or a manly girl, pick a sex and stick with it , stop being halfway you queer

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450, you really aren't in a position to talk about people's looks. you couldn't get a ***** if you tried. i try not to talk abouit people's looks, but you are so ass-ugly, i cannot BELIEVE you are brave enough to tell people they're ugly. i can tell you're a guy, but not in a good way. just shut the **** up. you can go suck your own dick. you might need to get a few extra ribs taken out, though.

I'm with you on that one, Angry. He attacked me somewhere on this page telling me I was lonely and on FML for that reason, and when I went to look at his profile, it was of him holding a camera in a mirror, taking his own picture. He doesn't even have anyone to take his picture, and didn't have any candid pictures to choose from. You gotta pity folks like that. Lurking underneath all that hostility and profanity is certainly just a sad, lonely kid.

cheers fuckyourlife99, appreciate it. I just need to ask what it has to do with you?

Lol you obviously haven't met the right girls if you think all of us are hypocritical bitches.

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334. Chivalry is sexism anyways. You overgeneralize girls and act like we're the ******* devil. You seem like the type of person to cry about friendzoning when people aren't REQUIRED to date you. You're so ignorant about how sexist you're being. **** you, a person's attitude is not because of their ******* gender. Females aren't all the same. Who knew??

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Sad, sad. Someone should be in the doghouse for a while..

Time for some serious discussions about the state of your marriage and his level of consideration, care, and respect for you.

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yeah. I would think about leaving if it were me. when the chips are down, your significant other is suppose to be there for you, even if that means walking away from the xbox for 15 mintues. Sorry OP.

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...but most normal run-of-the-mill stomach aches aren't going to be agonizing and make you feel like you are dying. And it comes down to the saying - better safe then sorry. If more people stopped being lazy assholes and listened to their own bodies, there would be less unnecessary early deaths.

a stomachache doesn't feel the same as appendicitis you idiot.

most people refer to their abdomen as their stomach. that doesn't mean they actually mean their stomach. not to mention, that considering you only go through that once, she probably didn't know what was causing the pain.

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oh yes a serious discussion, she could have died because he has no respect for her andus behaving like a child. yes lets see how we canfix that??? please be serious

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I hope you told him either the game goes or he does.

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You're husband's a jackass. Divorce him -_-

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That is exactly what I was gonna say..

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You really need to do something about him. Either get him to promise to change or take his xbox. If that doesn't work you need to divorce his ass

Boo: He's an adult. She can't "take" his XBox. Having said that, though, she needs to handle this somehow. The mature approach would be to choose to remove herself from the relationship if he's that irresponsible and uncaring. We must learn that just because we do almost all the work in the house and we usually run the house, budget, child-rearing and major decisions, we don't run our spouses. He gets to choose what he does with his time, just as she does. (although I'd leave his trifling behind sitting there with an XBox and no idea what to do next.) :)

244, i find you nearly as bad as 108 in that you're sexist in the other direction. women don't make all the major decisions and handle the budget on their own. in a healthy relationship, those duties are split equally. men are not better than women, but women also aren't better than men, and to me, it seems that you are saying women are better.

Nothingbutnet, I can see where you're coming from with that comment, but I meant nothing of the sort. I actually have respect for men. When I spoke about making decisions, etc. I was speaking about personal experiences and those of my close friends or family members. Also, men do a lot of things that women can't do or aren't as good at as men. So, although what I said seemed one-sided, it's only because I was not attempting to make a statement about men's strengths. I was only attempting to make a statement about the OP's spouse's rights in this situation as I see it. Sorry for the offense.

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... Men can do anything women can do. Women can do anything men can do.. You're the second I've seen here to be so ignorant about this sexism. Although, I agree. You don't control your spouse. Please have more respect and if possible regard all sexes equal and the same. I know I can't push my opinions on you, but this is what I have to say.