By lspicknall - 12/05/2012 06:41 - United States - Hartland

Today, I got all my wisdom teeth out. Have you ever thrown up after mouth surgery? Stomach acid in your bloody gum holes is just as fun as it sounds. FML
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Sorry darling! You really do just fall asleep then you wane up you're done! Just make sure to have ice packs and lots of cold soft foods

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kevsnev 7

Oh my lanta! Hope you feel better!

Oh man. Getting wisdom teeth out is bad enough. Doing anything afterwards hurts, I can't imagine how throwing up would feel.


hthelittleone 10

FYL is right, having wisdom teeth taken out is no fun. OP, ask your dentist for some topical anesthetic! It temporarily numbs the area, so you could find some relief that way. Also, make sure to follow the instructions they gave you for tending to the gums exactly as they are written; the only thing worse than acid washing over your bloody gums is acid washing over your infected, bloody gums!

I puked in my lap once on the way home after getting teeth pulled, but I was still so drugged out I completely didn't care


Im scared to get my wisdom teeth pulled now....

sleepinginclass 8

I got the flu 3 days after having all of my wisdom teeth out. And I never got the syringe thing to flush my mouth out with. I used toothpicks instead, worst week of my life.

sleepinginclass 8

175- not trying to scare you or anything! Just take the pain medicine, and you'll be golden.

kevsnev 7

Oh my lanta! Hope you feel better!

Doesn't sound funny to me.

I think its the same feeling as having surgery on ur balls for an ingrown hair

xoconnie 8

OUCH i think that would hurt! sorry man, that blows :/

Yup. She blew alright. Chunks that is.

FYL. That would hurt badly.

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

Oh god... This experience sounds like it would burn more than the fiery pits of hell.

Oh my god, I had this happen to me when I had my wisdom teeth out. The pain is so ridiculously bad.

zachattack112492 4

And this is why you don't eat/drink ANYTHING (including water) 8 hrs before surgery. YDI

kelsey8787 1


lebronesque73091 12

I can imagine how painful that must feel. At least you can eat ice cream and pudding :D

Kylias 6

That happened to me, actually. When I got home from the surgery, I took a nap on the couch, then when I woke up I suddenly felt the urge to run to the bathroom and vomit. It was more blood than stomach acid though, I figure I must've swallowed a lot of it during the surgery and my stomach didn't like that. As soon as it was all out, I felt so much better. I just flushed them out with the little syringe they give you and went back to napping on the couch.

Maddidaddi 0

You deserve it because you probably took too much medicine for your pain.

I didn't :P for 9 hours actually!

From what I learned, you don't throw up stomach acid, just the food and drink.

well mine was similar, I woke up, tried to run to the bathroom but got tripped up on the blankets and tried to keep it in by holding my hand over my mouth, that didnt work. It came out of my nose in two long bloody streems on the pale carpet. So it was not only in my mouth, all over the gauze and holes but also in my sinuses! And I had to clean the carpet all drugged up and sick (thanks mom) but it never came out and I got grounded.

Oh man. Getting wisdom teeth out is bad enough. Doing anything afterwards hurts, I can't imagine how throwing up would feel.

I must ask, does everyone in America get their wisdom tooths removed?

Ninjasaurus18 9

*teeth I think you're supposed to, or else your teeth will be all crooked and uncomfortable.

I'm no expert but I believe everyone has to, or else they will grow up and into the center of your mouth.

Nope. It's recommended IF they grow out badly and it becomes uncomfortable to eat. I just got my green card recently (I'm a Brit), went to the dentist, and when I was done with my cleaning they asked if my wisdom teeth were hurting. I said no, and they told me to come back if anything changes. It's not mandatory, though.

As stated before me, it is recommend that you remove them because they can cause pain or can make the rest of your teeth crooked. It's only really necessary if your mouth doesn't have enough room for them to grow out, though. On another note, sorry Op! Maybe it's the pain medicine? The crud that the prescribed to me made me throw up for 12 hours straight! :(

MizzErikaHart 8

My wisdom teeth have never grown out or given me a problem. Thank goodness...

11) No, they don't have to be pulled. I had braces not too long ago, and my wisdom teeth were coming in slanted, so I had to get them removed before they were even coming out. They're useless anyway, so it did no harm.

I never had mine removed. on fact, my bottom right molar had to get pulled and they said that since my wisdom teeth were in good shape, they expect it will replace the missing molar. but My crowded mouth thinks otherwise and will not allow it. so. ugh.

Haha I've had so many teeth pulled throughout my life, and I'm still young. After my braces were removed in October, I've been better :P

Comet_Candy 23

I actually haven't had wisdom teeth grow in yet, thankfully. But, my sister had to get hers removed because they started growing into her sinuses.

Didn't they give you Vicodin op?

My wisdom teeth never even existed (I suppose it's because my mind hogged up all of the wisdom ;) ). But if they grow out straight, they don't get pulled. They're pretty useless, though. I've seen many wisdom teeth grow out completely on it's side, which would crowd the teeth horribly. I know that in Egypt, it's a crazy idea to pull them out. I'm sure other countries also like to keep things "natural."

I don't have wisdom teeth. My doctor said it is like a 1 in 100 chance to not have them so I guess I'm just lucky.

xd3box 4

If you mouth is large enough your wisdom teeth can grow in comfortably, but most people get them pulled because they cause pain.

102, you and my brother are lucky! He didn't have any wisdom teeth either, I wasn't happy that I was the unlucky one!

Lizzy500 16

Vicodin can cause stomach upset, so maybe the vicodin made OP puke.

You are not obliged to remove your wisdom teeth. My dentist told me that I didn't have to remove my wisdom teeth as they are growing correctly. However, if they warn you, it's so that they don't push on the rest of your teeth causing them to become crooked.

I've got six wisdom teeth and I've got to get them all removed :( now I'm scared :P

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#102- Maybe I got yours... I had 7 and got them all removed.

Ouch...I hope you feel better!

shrinkydinks 0

I got my wisdom teeth out two weeks ago! And I puked my first day too! It sucked soooo bad. Blood everywhere

When I got my wisdom teeth removed, I somehow chewed my stitches out and kept getting stuff in there. Had to use tooth picks to get it out. Didn't hurt, but it felt so weird, I stopped eating for a month.

Oh wow! That sounds properly, absolutely disgusting. Feel better OP, and make sure to eat and drink!

You can't really eat when your wisdom teeth are pulled out.

change eat, to drink soup.

its actually recommended that you DO NOT eat solids for a while. do not make suggestions without knowledge.

I had mine removed in January (it was miserable) and all I could have for the first 2 days was yogurt and water. Then I could eat some toast. Every little thing is painful though.

Try getting your wisdom teeth out before thanksgiving. Mash potatoes and gravy any one?

Lizzy500 16

My husband lived on instant mashed potatoes and gravy for about a week after he had his out. I have 3 of mine. The 4th one had a cavity, I had it filled, then it abscessed under the filling, then I got a dry socket when it came out. Don't wanna do that times 4.

Yeah I feel your pain. Wisdom teeth just blow, thank heavens for soft food and drinks other wise I'd die

sillycart 9

Fyl. I can't imagine how bad that hurts.

dixiefoxx 22

Ouch, that really sucks. FYL. I hope you feel better soon. :/

TheBonzaiGirl 0

You stole the words right from my mouth.......... Blood and vomit is so very sexy

Ouch, I hope you were able to rinse your mouth out really quickly

That sounds disgustingly painful. But at least you didn't shit yourself. Nothing is worse than that.

There's ALWAYS something worse.

There is nothing worse than tooth ache.

110 - Giving birth.

Nope. IMO toothache is worse than giving birth, I've given birth twice through c sections but one of them I was in labour 3 days. I'd rather do that again than have chronic toothache.