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  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

You mean women?

It's mean, but she probably didn't really mean it. When my sister died, my ex was yelling at me because at first she didn't know (and I wasn't home from work because I was dealing with getting ready to go on Emergency Leave)... When she found out she hung up and didn't speak to me for a few hours because she didn't know what to do.. I'm sure she feels bad.

  Monikabug  |  9

Men? It was the woman who needs to be scolded! The wife to be exact.

OP, I am so sorry your sister died, I am sure that is hard on you and your family. As for your wife? I hope you jocked her right in her face. She is selfish and cruel, and you did not deserve her saying that to you!
It may be time to look into a divorce.

  cater2U  |  0

wow your wife is heartless. there come a time in most relationships where people f*ck up and are in need of a divorce. give me a call 1(800)no-bitch. again that number is 1(800)662-4824.(don't actually call)

  DGross  |  8

So sorry to hear of your loss OP, may she rest in peace.

I think your wife just had one of those "what do I say" moments and the wrong thing slipped out. A death is never something to joke about, however, for now I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she didn't mean it the way it came out and probably feels bad about it now.

I remember a few months ago a close friend of mine's dog died. When she told me (I didn't know the dog that well) I didn't know exactly what to say/do so I told her it would be ok and hugged her for a while, then we sat down and talked about him. It worked out but people are put in situations where they are so worried about saying the wrong thing that something unintended might come out.

Of course if she really didn't give a crap then you have some rather serous issues in that relationship to work out...

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Agree with Monika. OP, my condolences. You probably already know your wife is a bitch. I wouldn't even think of entertaining after my husband received news like that much less deride my husband for not helping.

  Monikabug  |  9

@97, rush to the hospital.. for what? His sister had already died.
And, also, I know the beginning of the post says "Today," but that does not necessarily mean that this literally happened today. It is standard on every post for it to start with that. So I seriously doubt that the first thing the OP did after his wife said that was Post this. Just throwing it out there.

  lotsologan  |  2

ydi for having testicles.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

I think we should do away with men as soon as they make robots that can...wait...what is it you're good for again? Other than eating, shitting, and doing other things any barnyard animal could do.*

*I don't mean all men; I mean the type of dumb excuse for a male that posts such a comment like that.

Besides, if you want all women gone, then the OP shouldn't mind his wife's remark because he shouldn't be grieving over his FEMALE sister.

  DenisTheMenace  |  13

lol every1's baggin on jeison :p 'wow!!! men'

maybe just mayyyyyybe he meant women?? like he coulda just missed the the 'o' n write 'wmen' n his phone coulda auto corrected it?this has gone on too far..anyways op don't help your wife. fyl. my condolences to you and your diseased family member. :,/

  MattCole  |  0


I'm guessing that when you took the SATs, you did poorly on the reading comprehension part. If a short and simple FML post is too hard for you to grasp, I wonder how you even manage to get by in the world.


@ #154

How about you shut the fuck up. You need men for support you cant get from your friends/girlfriends, you need us to slap you when you get the fuck out of line, you need us to tell you what the fuck to cook us for dinner so your not completely worthless, you need us to pleasure you in ways you cant pleasure yourself, and lets face cant open jars and fix things.

  brightred919  |  0


That is the most sexist, egotistical comment I've ever seen posted. I hope no woman ever has the misfortune to have a relationship with an utter asshole like you and I wish you the very worst in life.

  currah  |  0

um you think he was gonna know her reaction to that when he married her? "oh shes gonna be a bitch when my sister dies oh well im gonna marry her anyways" yeah no. anyway sorry OP rip

  Elenachka  |  0

Perhaps it's possible that her mom has more than one daughter. Like omg! Did I just totes blow your mind?!?! Considering the fml is about someone's sister dying and a bad reaction when they tell someone (as well as the comment saying and "my mom did that to me"), I'm forced to break my "don't be a bitch" rule and say you're all morons.