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Today, the last person I invited to my birthday party called and said they couldn't come because another party "came up" and they "hope I understand". It's on December 31st. This happens every year without fail. FML
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ever tried having it on a day you know won't have huge parties going on? ydi

This happens occasionally to me because my birthday is on Valentines day, and it turns out people would rather have some romantic ******* than celebrate my birthday! But FYL


ever tried having it on a day you know won't have huge parties going on? ydi

Seriously. When I was a kid, my parents would always schedule my parties a week or two before my birthday, since it was always on or near Thanksgiving. OP, YDI for continuing to schedule it on the same day even though you know you're going to have cancellations.

This happens to my brother and I every year, since our birthday's are in late December (December 20th, December 31st). Most people, turns out, don't want to do anything after December 15th. And perhaps they were having a New Years/Birthday party after all. It's not always as simple as you guys are putting it. And I think you're missing the point of this FML.

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why dont you plan a freaking huge new years eve/ birthday tandum party...i would love to have my birthday on new years eve...go out and have a blast and make all your friends buy you drinks. be proactive about it

I agree with #1 (and many others), try having it on a different day. I'm sure most people wouldn't mind having two party nights in a row if you decided to have it on December 30th instead.

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OR have a kick ass new years and birthday party in one. Your parties must be lame. Edit: didnt see the comment above mine saying the same thing...

I clicked YDI for ..... well... YDI for being born

Agreed. My birthday is also on Dec. 31st, and there's always stuff going on. I either have it two weeks before [around the 15] or sometime the first week of January.

my father does the exact same thing. he knows there's no competing with a major thing

My problem with this whole FML is everyone wants to party on the 31st, all the OP needs to do is make his party better than the other ones going on. It's definitely a YDI, if his parties were fun then people would rather go to hers than to the New years one.

My birthday is also December 31st. And I do stuff with friends on the 30th, but at the same time I wish I could celebrate on my actual birthday.

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I wouldn't say op deserves it... It's not op's fault for when they were born but some people like to have birthday parties on their actual birthday.

I have my birthday in August, which is when everyone leaves for holidays out of the country. It's less extreme, but the same point. Don't do it at a time people have better things to do. You're not the center of the world.

This is a ydi and an fml cause sometimes people are just assholes. Without fail, every year, something ruins my birthday. But you should schedule a different day that there wont be a bunch of parties.

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Don’t be a dick, they can’t help when they were BORN!!! They’ve probably heard this excuse their entire lives and just for once, didn’t want their friends to pike out on them.

This happens occasionally to me because my birthday is on Valentines day, and it turns out people would rather have some romantic ******* than celebrate my birthday! But FYL

yeah, i cheesed at the "romatic *******" myself :)

yeah my birthdays on the 31st so u kinda get the gist of the shittyness. ohwell.

My bday is feb 14 too. Do you know how shitty it is to have to take out a girl and spend a ton of money on your own birthday instead of partying with friends?

Try having a birthday party and a new years party at the same time. ...Unless you're Chinese.

YDI for not being able to throw a good New Years Party.

Maxine, how about some romantic ******* FOR your birthday?

YDI for failing to differentiate between "they" and "he/she." EDIT: This is not a troll post. I just hate stupid people.

By "this is not a troll post" do you mean "this IS a troll post"?

You deserve a thumbs down for a logical fallacy.

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when op typed 'they' it was because the person they were referring could be a boy or a girl.

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"They," can be singular or plural. The biggest bonus is its gender less, in the course of this FML, where the gender of the friend has nothing to do with the content of the FML. We have now found the underlying reason why you hate yourself. If you're thick, that means you're an idiot.

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While I'm not going to say YDI, it may be in your best interest to try having the party on another day. My birthday is St. Patrick's Day and that sometimes interferes with party plans, so I'll move it to another day.

Next year, try to hold a birthday/New Year's party (a two-in-one) if you don't want to have it on another day. Win-win situation, right? That might work! :)

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that's why isntead of waiting for the weekend, I'm having my party on my actual 21st birthday. tomorrow! a Tuesday!

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Dude, it's New Years Eve. No shit there's gonna be some huge party for it. Make it next weekend. Idiot.