By Anonymous - 16/03/2014 14:00 - United States - Dearborn

Today, I walked into my elderly client's home for my first day of work. I was immediately hit in the eye with something small, and had to get medical attention for a scratched cornea. It turns out my client likes to clip his toenails right by his front door. FML
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xivoricbutterfly 25

Personal hygiene for the win.

Sounds like you got off on the wrong foot, OP. Hope he said sorry toe you!


746278Ab 14

Ouch! That sounds like it would hurt a lot!

xivoricbutterfly 25

Personal hygiene for the win.

ariiewilliams 17

At least his toenails are probably nice.

crazytwinsmom 25

Not necessarily, but hopefully they were just cleaned before clipping. Otherwise OP could be looking at a nasty infection.

happysmile987 24

Well, OP wouldn't be looking at an infection since he wouldn't be able to see )clearly) if he had got one.

My question is, how does this guy have such perfect accuracy with clipping a toenail? Also, might want to tell him to move his spot so no none is injured next time.

buttcramp 21

practice makes perfect?

I think it was just op's bad luck. The client didn't mean any harm.

True, but asking him to move and explaining the accident couldn't hurt.

Sounds like you got off on the wrong foot, OP. Hope he said sorry toe you!

AnOriginalName 19

What a cornea pun.

Eye don't see the humour in your pun^

You are obviously looking throigh the wrong lens then!

ArmlessSkydiver 7

That's why I recommend wearing protective eye gear at all times, including walking. The world is a dangerous place

Bubble wrap everything! Nothing is safe!

inner_peace 19

We all just need protective bubbles

Was his name Josh.

I don't always go to work, but when I do I make sure to get hit in the face.

Lol off-topic, but is that you, Justin Bieber?

I hate those bloody "I don't always" things

I always wondered how those things could fly like that

The elderly score again!