How very dare you?

By GotGasNotLuck - 05/05/2015 10:50 - Australia - Girraween

Today, at my job in a gas station, a customer who had previously driven off without paying came in to shout abuse at me because I had said in the police statement, "He looks about 60." He is apparently 55. He didn't come in to pay, he came in to swear at me. FML
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The balls on some people, how dare you?!

Why? To correct the statement to say he is 55 not 60?

JustinJK 21

So that the police come and accost him?

HighasaCloud 46

#2 and #23; The man most likely knew about his reported age in the police report because he has been arrested for the stealing of fuel mentioned here. OP is talking about an incident that happened a while ago; not earlier that day.

These are the type of people who's heads I'd love to be in. Like, what decision making processes must they go through?

magickiss87 22

Typical asshole behavior. I would have told him you have thirty seconds to buy something or leave before I contact the police again. You did the right thing, he was just mad he got caught. lol.

Call the cops again and say he looks closer to 70 upon closer inspection

Maybe he's getting dementia. Older people start to get it in about their 60s. Oh, sorry, 55s.

Sorry if he comes in again call the cops

He's likely just trying to find some way to blame it on you. Don't take it personally, op.