By anonymous / Tuesday 5 May 2015 06:42 / United States - Lakeland
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  elusiveshame  |  22

Not everyone is rational and react different to each situation. It may have been an instant reaction that was reversed once she had time to think about it.

Remember, you're seeing a brief description of the actual issue, and only one side.

  kirasant  |  19

I agree, OPs mom is probably reacting out of hurt, but that's not an excuse. When you have kids, you have to control those impulses and behave maturely when you don't want to. To basically tell your kid GTFO just because they're growing up is ridiculous and not okay.

By  elusiveshame  |  22

That's a bit extreme to cut contact with the OPs mother. I feel bad for anyone that has a misunderstanding with you, especially when you jump to the utmost ridiculous conclusion.

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