By anonymous - 05/05/2015 06:42 - United States - Lakeland

Today, I decided it was time to start looking for my own place and finally gain my full independence. My mom agreed happily without hesitation, which was surprising, but not anywhere near as surprising as finding out I have one day to get my shit together and leave. FML
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Well, then get your shit together.

I wonder if she was planning on kicking you out, that's a bit ironic..


Well, then get your shit together.

Time to start taking my "shit" for the sewer now.

I wonder if she was planning on kicking you out, that's a bit ironic..

Sorry, what's ironic about that?

LittleMissShadow 16

Because that doesn't add to the already stressful process at all...

might wanna hurry and find an apartment

Move out into the world is a big step, hopefully you can convince her to give you enough time. Don't screw it up.

Start collecting the toilet contents then. You might have better luck dipping straight into the sewer lines.

Maybe she's just hurt and lashing out.

That's still no reason to basically kick op out.

Not everyone is rational and react different to each situation. It may have been an instant reaction that was reversed once she had time to think about it. Remember, you're seeing a brief description of the actual issue, and only one side.

I agree, OPs mom is probably reacting out of hurt, but that's not an excuse. When you have kids, you have to control those impulses and behave maturely when you don't want to. To basically tell your kid GTFO just because they're growing up is ridiculous and not okay.

It's time to buckle down and get to work

That's a bit extreme to cut contact with the OPs mother. I feel bad for anyone that has a misunderstanding with you, especially when you jump to the utmost ridiculous conclusion.

Don't take it personally. She's probably just extremely excited for you.